Celaá asks the PP to "respect" the national sovereignty and support the deficit in the Senate

Celaá asks the PP to "respect" the national sovereignty and support the deficit in the Senate

The government's spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, today called on the PP and "the forces of the right" to approve the new more flexible deficit path that yesterday validated the majority of the Congress of Deputies and that would allow to have a deficit target 1.8% of GDP in 2019.

In the press conference after the Council of Ministers that has been held in Barcelona, ​​Celaá has insisted that it is a "democratic anomaly" that the Senate vetoes a path of deficit and concludes its processing in the Upper House when it has been ratified by the seat of national sovereignty.

"We insist and ask the forces of the right to reflect on this to approve this new path," he insisted after stressing that the new objectives "shield the welfare state" and offer more resources to the General Budgets of the State of 2019 for social policies.

He reiterated that the deficit targets approved in the Congress would suppose 6,000 million euros more to distribute among all the administrations, and 2.500 million more of expense for the Autonomous Communities, "for health, education and dependence".

"It was approved at the headquarters of national sovereignty, now it will have to go to the Senate where we hope significantly that the PP and Citizens give it the green light," reiterated Celaá, who recalled that the Government has proposed the amendment of article 15 of the Stability Law so that the veto of the Senate could be lifted but the initiative has not yet been processed.

"We hope that the PP respects the national sovereignty and the new path can pass the Senate as well," he stressed.


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