April 22, 2021

Celaá affirms that the scholarship students will not quote if that "generates harm" | Society

Celaá affirms that the scholarship students will not quote if that "generates harm" | Society

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, has assured Congress that the price of unpaid internships of students of Vocational Training and University "can not generate disturbance" and, if this happens, "the Government will be against this measure "when the regulatory development of the law has to be approved. It is estimated that this incorporation into Social Security, which approved by decree the Government itself last December 28, It will cost around 51 euros per student per month. For paid internships it is already quoted.

"I do not have the solution", Celaá has confessed, but he has affirmed that the Ministry of Labor "looks for the itinerary so as not to harm the companies". Because the minister has acknowledged that the businessmen have transmitted to the autonomous governments that are "Reluctant to pay [las cotizaciones] especially in certain formative cycles ", although he has praised the" labor protection "that supposes for the students.

And Celaá has argued that "can not reliably quantify the amount" to be paid by companies or administrations (decree law does not clarify). However, the Ministry of Labor, which is the one that has boosted the contribution, calculated in January that the measure costs 74.46 million euros per year and affects 534,000 students. The conference of rectors (CRUE), disgusted at not having been consulted, He is now making his own calculations before meeting tomorrow with technicians from the ministries of Science, Innovation and Universities and Labor.

The minister, visibly annoyed to have to give explanations in Congress for the contributions, has criticized the PP his question about it. "It is an improper call because it should have gone to the Ministry of Labor," he said, and has called it "anticipated and fictional because it is conditioned to a future event that is the regulatory development." Autonomous governments of all the signs have criticized the measure -including Aragón, socialist- that for the CEOE "perverts the system because it allows to buy the pension".

The union Comisiones Obreras, which claims this measure for years, believes it is "the only way to control fraud" because companies use the scholars for structural positions.

"The only thing we know is that there has been a tremendous lack of coordination in the government," remarked the PP deputy Sandra Moneo, and assured that perhaps "Work has seized the students by historical casualties in Social Security."

Joseba Agirretxea, deputy of the PNV, has assured that the quotations "make dust to the dual FP, that has a great acceptance between industralists and students", because in his opinion to part of the economic damage "it generates an administrative chaos". Celaá has tried to reduce the tension: "We will look for the exit, be assured that this minister is not going to jeopardize the FP".

"What do we do with Medicine or Nursing, "Agirretxea asked. "The trainees already have compulsory school insurance that is incompatible with the registration in the Social Security. There is a legislative contradiction. "


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