Celaá affirms that the PGE will go ahead despite "the many obstacles" that the right and the separatism put

Celaá affirms that the PGE will go ahead despite "the many obstacles" that the right and the separatism put

Government spokesperson and Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, has been convinced that the General State Budget (PGE) will go ahead, despite "the many obstacles" that put the right and independence. In addition, has highlighted that the PSOE Executive represents "the best" of the Constitution and "the possibility of having a Catalonia in Spain."

During the presentation ceremony in the Miramar Palace of San Sebastian of Ernesto Gasco as candidate for mayor of the Guipuzcoan capital for the elections of May 26, which was also present the Socialist deputy and former mayor of the city, Odón Elorza , Celaá has referred to the project of public state accounts that, as he has assured, give "priority to the social agenda" and suppose "an alternative to the cuts of the right".

"These budgets are going to move forward, we are convinced, despite the many obstacles that the right is putting and the many obstacles we have in the independence movement, we want the budgets to go ahead and they will move forward," he insisted.

In his opinion, these accounts represent "a change of direction" and represent a "real alternative" to the PGE of the PP Government, demonstrating that "with a greater effort of the State, much more social justice can be achieved". As an example of this, it has pointed to the increase of the minimum interprofessional salary to 900 euros, to the increase in 40% of subsidies to dependence, the rise of pensions, universal healthcare or "decent" jobs.

In addition, he stressed that the Government has approved some taxes that "go to income", following the European precepts of the "path of stability", and has made "decrease for the first time the deficit" in accounts that are "determined" to move forward.

The minister has indicated that the PSOE government is playing "very difficult times", but the socialists are "combative and we grow in difficult times," and recalled that, in the four months they have been in the Executive, they have made "changes in the background, always putting the social agenda first ".

In this regard, stressed that, if the Socialists had not agreed to the Government, 60,000 children at risk of poverty would not have eaten this summer in schools, would not have universalized the provision for health, would not have eliminated "the cuts" in Education, or launched the bonus against energy poverty or paralyzed the LOMCE.

"We are working hard and we are finding more and more obstacles," he pointed out, while saying that "I hope the right, more and more right, made political opposition", instead of maintaining how it is doing "the personal and frontal attack on each member of the Government ", something that, in his opinion," is not worthy of a democracy ".


Isabel Celaá has assured that the Socialists represent "the best of the Spanish Constitution", "respect for the diversity of the autonomous State, almost, almost alone" and the "impulse to dialogue and the Law in relations with Catalonia", to a "populist" right, which "wants recentralization and is increasingly separating itself from the autonomous state" and that "goes to Europe whenever it does not like" what the PSOE does.

"We represent the best of the country, the Constitution, the possibility of dialogue and law in relations with Catalonia, the possibility of having a Catalonia in Spain," he reiterated, to stress that the socialist project is "for nationalists and non-nationalists ", because it seeks to" forge a welfare society ".

On the other hand, he has assured that Gasco "has all the possibilities" of being "the best" mayor for San Sebastian because he is "an indefatigable, honest worker", who "believes in the projects and fights to take them forward".


The socialist candidate for mayor of San Sebastian has explained that he is present to recover the Mayor of the city "for love" to this, because he wants "the best for San Sebastian", and does not settle for anything for the capital of Gipuzkoa.

In this sense, he has asserted that, when San Sebastian "shines more", it is with "socialist leaderships", and has placed in value that the PSE-EE represents "the agreement, the dialogue, the pact and the understanding".

Gasco recalled the "break and setback" that the Guipuzcoan capital lived, in his opinion, in the previous term with the local government of Bildu, and has claimed that, before "sovereignty fronts", the Socialists are "guarantee that San Sebastian it is on the right track ", because they represent" the option of understanding, the dialogue between different and non-rupture "that, moreover, does not put" at risk economic growth ".

The socialist candidate to the City Hall of San Sebastian has criticized that the PNV is "absent" in financing the projects of the city, which "needs to be accessible" and face "challenges" such as housing, the arrival of the High Speed ​​Train, "country projects".

Finally, Elorza said that in San Sebastian "there is a lack of evident leadership and strategic orientation" at a time when "new challenges" are being posed in politics, affecting "all institutions" and requiring "shared solutions to different levels. "


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