CECA entities invested 778 million in social work in 2021

CECA entities invested 778 million in social work in 2021


The entities of the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA) invested 778.5 million in social work during 2021, 0.8% more than in 2020, and benefited 25.3 million people, which implies an increase of 2 .7% in annual rate, as announced this Tuesday, March 29, in the presentation of CECA's Social Work Report 2021.

This Tuesday, the association held the Commission for Foundations and Social Work, an annual meeting that brings together the foundations linked to CECA and which advises the Board of Directors on social work matters. During the day, reference was made to the social work of the association and the role of the member entities in the work of "tackling inequality and poverty, favoring economic development in the territories in which they are present" was highlighted. and contributing to the welfare of society.

In figures, investment in social work has stood at 778.5 million euros in 2021, 0.8% more than in 2020, although, if the investment made between 2014 and 2021 is taken into account, the figure rises to 6,172 million euros. In addition, compared to 2014, investment in these activities has increased by 9.6%.

Last year, 51,750 activities were carried out, 5.6% more than the previous year, and more than 25.3 million beneficiaries were reached, which means 2.7% more beneficiaries compared to 2020.

CECA has stated that the environment in which the social work activity has been carried out has continued to be "difficult and complex", with restrictions derived from the Covid-19 protocols and has affected some communities "in a more intense way".

The association has also highlighted the "uneven" economic growth that has been recorded in 2021 in which the sectors "most vulnerable" to the pandemic have continued to have "difficulties and very fragile knowledge."

Likewise, CECA has focused on the existence of "important" social inequalities. «Last year we already recorded that the impact of the crisis had been enormously uneven, it had particularly affected the lowest income earners, people with the most precarious working conditions and, therefore, the most affected were young people, women and the immigrant group, a situation that has been maintained in 2021, ”says the association in this regard.

As in previous years, the Social Action area has been the area that has received the greatest investment, 321.7 million euros, which represents 41.3% of the total investment in social work, going to around 15,700 activities related to care, health and wellness programs, inclusion, soup kitchens and volunteering. Activities have also been carried out aimed at vulnerable groups and to improve the integration of people in society.

The Education and Research area has been placed in second place and has improved its efficiency. Thus, the 195.1 million euros received --25% of the total investment--, have reached a greater number of beneficiaries, almost 10 million people, 38.85% of the total number of beneficiaries.

Through this area, the entities promote progress and innovation with training, education, research and scientific dissemination and R&D programs, as well as financial inclusion.

On the other hand, the area of ​​Culture and Heritage, with an endowment of 142.2 million euros (12.2%), remains the most efficient, exceeding 8.5 million beneficiaries, 33.71% of the total. of beneficiaries.

Likewise, the area of ​​Local Development and Job Creation has been the area that has increased its investment the most during 2021, 27.17% more than in the previous year, reaching 95 million euros.

With regard to the war in Ukraine, the association highlighted the measures put in place by the entities "supporting not only the origin where the conflict is taking place by facilitating the collection of funds and donations, the collection of essential products, but also at the destination, providing help and tools so that they can make transfers to their relatives in Ukraine or use Ukrainian cards and access ATMs free of charge».

In the 2014-2021 period, the social work of the CECA entities has invested 6,172 million euros, with which more than 776,500 activities have been carried out, benefiting 253.3 million people.

In line with the data analysed, the period as a whole shows that the Social Action area has received most of the resources, 2,754 million euros, 44.6% of the amount. Next comes Education and Research, with 1,177 million euros, and Culture and Heritage, with 1,150 million.

For its part, investment in the area of ​​Local Development and Job Creation has increased by 79.38%, which represents an accumulated investment of 627.62 million euros.

Finally, between 2014 and 2021 around 139 million people from specific groups have benefited from its initiatives. Among the people who are part of these groups are those belonging to children and youth, people at risk of social exclusion, the elderly, people with special needs and entrepreneurs.

In this sense, between 2014 and 2021, more than 1,526 million euros have been dedicated to people under 25 years of age, with 61.6 minors benefiting, approximately 1,000 million euros to people at risk of exclusion (more than 27.6 million people). , more than 452 million euros to 25.5 million elderly people, more than 383 million euros to support more than 16 million people with special needs and almost 200 million euros to 8.6 million entrepreneurs.

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