CCOO will ask that the minimum wage rise to compensate for all inflation

CCOO will also ask that the minimum interprofessional salary rise more than expected, that 60% of the average salary promised by the Government, due to the current context of triggered inflation. The leader of the union, Unai Sordo, announced this Wednesday that the Workers' Commissions will demand that the Ministry of Labor increase the SMI to compensate for "all the rise in prices." That is, according to inflation.

The OECD predicts that Spain will be one of the countries where wages lose the most purchasing power

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Although he has not specified a figure for the increase, Unai Sordo has recalled that the average inflation for the year may be "above 8%" and the year-end year-end "somewhat below", according to his estimates.

The inflation reference (average or year-on-year) for the rise in the SMI could be discussed with the Government, the union leader has indicated, but the goal is the guarantee of all the purchasing power of workers with the lowest wages.

“Closer to 1,100 than 1,049 euros”

In monthly profit, the general secretary of the CCOO has considered that the objective of SMI for the next year would be "closer to 1,100 euros than 1,049", he pointed out.

as advanced UGT, which will claim a 10% increase up to 1,100 eurosin CCOO they agree that the Government's goal of placing the SMI at 60% of the average salary remains "obsolete" in the face of the great rise in prices today, which has a greater impact on households with less income.

Although this objective of 60% of the average salary, the recommendation of the European Social Charter, still to be updated by the commission of experts on the minimum wage, some calculations place the amount around 1,049 euros per month. This would mean an increase in the current SMI, in the gross amount of 1,000 euros, of 5%.

The majority unions have already advanced that their claims for a rise are greater and they recall that the law that regulates increases in the minimum wage expressly states that inflation is a variable to be taken into account. The negotiation of the Government with the social agents, in principle, will continue at the end of the year, as usual. Before that, the commission of experts on the SMI is expected to review the 60% goal in November.

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