CCOO joins the national theaters strike and demands "immediate solutions"

CCOO has announced a strike in state theaters as of October 21 and demands "immediate solutions" for public culture, including a moratorium on qualifications for access to technical specialties, and the professional recognition of surveillance and attention personnel in the theater. of the state museums.

The premieres of four national theaters are left on the air due to the work stoppages

The premieres of four national theaters are left on the air due to the work stoppages

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The union has concentrated again this Friday before the General Directorate of Public Function for "the provisional suspension of the requirement of specific qualifications for access to the technical specialties of Inaem," according to a statement.

On the other hand, CCOO insists on the urgency of a moratorium for the calls for public employment of technical specialties, since the current interpretation of the Public Function does not allow the participation in these admission processes to the people who are currently developing the work.

"There is a disagreement between the required qualification and the actual situation of the workforce, denounces the secretary general of CCOO in the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Neftalí Rodríguez. A situation that has been resolved in other organizations and that is still pending in the field of public culture, where, in addition, there is a Spectacle Technology Center that provides training that is not approved. "The solution depends exclusively on the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, since CCOO we have reached a consensus with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, has specified the general secretary of CCOO Carolina Frías.

"There is no reason to continue delaying the full integration of Inaem into the IV Sole Agreement for labor personnel, a proposal that would eliminate comparative grievances, inequalities and gender pay gap, among others," adds Frías, who has also demanded an Inaem "one hundred percent one hundred public, with its own and sufficient legislative, labor and budgetary resources ". The work stoppages announced by CCOO for Inaem staff are announced for Thursday, October 21 and 28, and Friday, November 12 and 19, coinciding with premieres in state theaters.

On the other hand, CCOO, also demands a rectification that supposes the professional recognition of the personnel of the state museums. "It is essential to advance in the professional recognition of the surveillance and attention personnel in the room, with a framing in the E2 group that allows, in addition, the call of this specialty in future processes of provision of positions", added Rodríguez. "It is not acceptable that this group is the only one whose Public Function is determined to degrade the E1 group," concludes Rodríguez.


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