July 8, 2020

CCOO intensifies contacts with ERC to facilitate the investiture

CCOO has intensified in recent days contacts with ERC leaders – with its president, Oriol Junqueras, and with the general coordinator, Pere Aragonés – to seek the involvement of Republicans in the investiture and thus facilitate a progressive and plurinational government.

The secretary general of CCOO, Unai Sordo, and his counterpart of CCOO of Catalonia, Javier Pacheco, visited Oriol Junqueras on Monday, imprisoned in the Lledoners prison, while another delegation headed by Pacheco met with Aragonés and the direction of ERC

This is explained by CCOO de Catalunya in a statement after the visit of the secretary general of CCOO to Junqueras, who is serving a sentence for sedition.

The union explains in the statement that it called on ERC to facilitate "the investiture of a progressive and left-wing Government that proposes dialogue and effective solutions for the political conflict that exists in Catalonia and breaks the institutional and political blockade that has been going on for too long" .

This union, the first in affiliation in Catalonia, also asked ERC to support a progressive government to set as a political priority "the social agenda" and issues such as labor reform, the pension system, housing, social protection, fiscal policy, the feminization of society or policies for young people, among other matters.

The precise note that CCOO insisted to ERC on the need to approve budgets in both Spain and Catalonia, which work with the 2017 accounts.

CCOO also transferred the message to the ERC management that no more time can be allowed to establish a government with a progressive program, since "there is a lot at stake", such as promoting "a political solution in Catalonia" and "stopping extreme right xenophobic, homophobic, macho, neo-fascist and anti-catalanist "through social policies that give future expectations to broad sectors of society.

Yesterday, the negotiating teams of PSOE and ERC held a second meeting to try to unlock the investiture of the socialist leader, Pedro Sánchez, and both formations recognized progress "to activate the political path" to resolve the "political conflict" in Catalonia.

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