CCOO expects tomorrow the reinforcement of 836 professionals in Primary Care

The Federation of Health and Social Health Services of Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) Madrid expects that this Monday, June 1, the incorporation of 836 health and non-health professionals will become effective to reinforce Primary Care in the Community of Madrid.

Of these committed personnel, 335 will be family doctors, 249 nurses, 109 administrative assistants, 30 auxiliary nursing care technicians (TCAE) and 43 drivers, as well as another hundred nursing personnel who, until now, served in schools and that it would also go to reinforce the staff of Primary, points the union.

All of them, according to the agreement reached on May 13 at the Health Sector Board, would have to be at their destination centers on Monday to begin developing the functions assigned to them.

CCOO considers this amount “insufficient” due to “the historical deficit dragged by the Primary Care staff in the Community of Madrid, which have remained at the same figures for twelve years.”

The Primary Care in Madrid has a total of 430 centers, of which 265 are health centers and 163 local offices, in addition to having two other centers attached, the Relief House of Alcalá de Henares and the center specialized in the treatment of sexual diseases from Sandoval.

Comisiones Obreras estimates that to guarantee sufficient professional resources 500 more medical professionals, 2,000 nurses and 600 in administrative teams are required.

With this, apart from the follow-up of those affected by coronavirus, the consultation service would be guaranteed in a maximum of 48 hours, at least in 95 percent of the cases that request or require it.

The union also calls for the incorporation of new professionals to the Primary Care teams, giving priority to physiotherapy, optician-optometrists, senior radiodiagnostic and laboratory technicians, among others.

The Community of Madrid agreed on May 13 with four of the five main public health unions to renew until December 10,167 health workers hired during the COVID-19 health crisis, of which 836 will reinforce Primary Care.

In compliance with an announcement by the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, these professionals of different categories, health and non-health, will remain until December 31 as reinforcement for the healthcare activity of the centers.

Of the five unions that make up the Health Sector Board – Satse, CCOO, Amyts, CSIT-UP and UGT – the Amyts doctors’ union is the only one that did not sign the agreement, considering that it “does not meet the demands” of the community of doctors.


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