Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

CCOO denounces suppression of a counselor in IES where 2 students committed suicide

CCOO denounces suppression of a counselor in IES where 2 students committed suicide

Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) has claimed in writing to the Ministry of Education that "provide material and human resources" to the IES City of Jaén, one of whose students, aged 16, committed suicide a week ago, and that "recover the second "counselor" that was awarded in 2015 to that institute after committing suicide a minor four years ago and that "was suppressed two years ago".

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CCOO ensures that after the death of a student in May 2015, the Administration "granted more guidance means, then this half square was eliminated." Currently, the center has a full-time counselor and a half-place of Technical Service Teacher. to the Community (PTSC), "says the letter to which Efe has had access.

"This is a sign of the insufficient and conjunctural reaction to serious events and the widespread neglect of the centers and, specifically, the IES Ciudad de Jaén", located in Usera and which is classified as "difficult to perform," he adds. its writing the secretary general of Education of CCOO, Isabel Galvín, for whom these centers "do not have all the needs met with the adequate resources".

In the case of the IES Ciudad de Jaén, one of whose students committed suicide a week ago after an alleged case of school harassment, there have already been "precedents with very serious consequences that should have caused the Administration to reconsider and that it provide more teachers "to the center and that the ratios of students per group" were lower, adapted to the characteristics of the students and their needs for attention, "he adds.

For this reason, CCOO demands "that the second counselor, who was eliminated two years ago after being awarded in 2015, should be recovered, that the PTSC day, which is currently at half time, be extended to full time; templates, "continues the letter.

It also calls for "a reduction in the ratio in the ordinary groups, as happens with groups of the Bilingual Program, expansion of the faculty quota so that it is possible to carry out split-ups in all the groups, that the workforce be expanded with more professionals focused on diversity, especially in the specialties of Orientation and PTSC ".

According to Galvín, the characteristics of the center should "stabilize the staff, since the faculty could know much better the needs of students and families",

CCOO also denounces that "the necessary mourning protocols have not been started for both teachers and students", after the death of this second student "a week ago, a situation that" has been repeated by the Administration in each of the dramatic cases that happened. "

Galvín warns that "not activate the relevant protocols and try to silence the situation leads to a drift and serious consequences for the entire educational community."

For its part, UGT has expressed this Monday in a statement his "show of sorrow for the tragic event" of the minor's suicide, as well as his support to the teachers of the institute and the family, in addition to demanding "a thorough investigation".

"A second suicide in four years exceeds the limit of what we could accept as a coincidence or exceptional episode, regardless of the results that the police investigation throws on the fact, the truth is that there were indications, since the students themselves have been the ones who have provided news of where to direct the investigation, "according to the secretary of UGT, Teresa Jusdado.

He also criticizes that the only measure adopted after the death of Arancha "was the sanction to the then director of the center who, after a lawsuit, proved not to be responsible for the tragic event and was sentenced in costs to the Ministry of Education", concludes UGT.


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