CCOO claims the Government a comprehensive project for the industry

CCOO claims the Government a comprehensive project for the industry

CCOO has today called on the Government to undertake a comprehensive project for the industry and stop "plugging gaps" and act on deficits "in isolation", while stressing that a strong industry is key to avoid liquidation of the Welfare state.

In a statement, the union emphasizes that in 2019 it has proposed to bet on the development of a State Pact for Industry, which the PP government "left stagnant" and that of the PSOE "does not finish boosting."

CCOO points out that it lacks measures and tools for ministerial and governmental updating that confront a digitalized industrial future, due to the effects that are expected in employment, in labor relations and in the organization of companies.

It also asks the Government to create the structural conditions for this change to be developed through investments in R + D + i in training, internationalization and financing, mainly from the private sector.

In addition, in the opinion of CCOO, we must influence the size of companies, respond to the specialization of production, increase the weight of high-tech generating activities and reduce the technological gap between regions and sectors.

In order to achieve a strong industry, CCOO considers that it is necessary to bet on the energy mix and establish environmental measures that avoid climate change and that favor the competitiveness of Spanish companies, while the autonomous communities must bet decisively for the industry and for radically change the educational and training model.


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