March 8, 2021

CCOO calls for measures against the high precariousness of the labor market

The CCOO union has urged the Government, through social dialogue, to repeal the most damaging aspects of the labor reform and adopt “forceful measures” against the high market precariousness.

In a statement to assess the employment data at year-end, the head of Employment and Professional Qualification of CCOO, Lola Santillana, believes that they follow “the trend established in our country of low and precarious working conditions, with high number of contracts for very short duration ”.

“We have a low cost market in working conditions,” concludes Santillana.

Social Security closed 2019 with 384,373 more members, the lowest figure for one year since 2013, while unemployment fell by 38,692 people, the smallest decline since 2012, to 3.1 million.


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