July 9, 2020

CCOO asks to avoid an "abrupt" energy transition that can harm the industry

The CCOO union believes that the energy transition in Spain is developing "abruptly", so it will transfer to the future government a series of measures to prevent the process leads to the loss of the industrial and employment fabric.

The General Secretary of CCOO of Industry, Agustín Martín, said Tuesday that there is a "serious problem" in the energy sector and that what should be a fair transition is becoming an "abrupt transformation process", in relation to the closure of thermal power plants and the situation of the electrointensive industry (with high energy consumption).

The union has asked the future Government for a State Pact for industry as well as a new law for the sector that allows "to address the weaknesses of the economy, industry and society."

Likewise, CCOO has called on the political class to save a sector that is still in slowdown and is greatly affected by trade disputes between China and the United States, as well as the imposition of tariffs.

This set of measures, designed by CCOO of Industry, are grouped into a plan called "Items" that will be taken this afternoon to the Federal Council of the union.

This statewide plan defines a risk map that seeks to identify how this transformation process can affect different companies to anticipate possible plant closures and establish proposals.

The plan also seeks to identify the market niche of the different companies that may find an opportunity in the energy transition.

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