CCOO and UGT will celebrate on Thursday more than 50 concentrations throughout Spain to raise the SMI

CCOO and UGT have summoned more than 50 concentrations for this Thursday before the delegations and sub-delegations of Government of all the Spanish provinces in demand of the increase of the interprofessional minimum wage (SMI), currently frozen at 950 euros per month, and the repeal of the latest labor and pension reforms of 2013.

Calviño delays the rise in the SMI until the recovery is "lined up" in 2021

Calviño delays the rise in the SMI until the recovery is “lined up” in 2021

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Under the slogan ‘Now Yes Toca’, the unions have encouraged to participate in these mobilizations so that the Government promotes all the negotiating tables that were parked with the arrival of the coronavirus and that they consider “essential” to get out of the current economic crisis.

Both unions have been encouraging mobilization for the last week on social media through videos, infographics and messages.

CCOO and UGT defend that there are no reasons not to raise the SMI and argue that other countries, also hit by the COVID crisis, are increasing this minimum income.

The unions also demand the repeal of the labor reforms “immediately”, replacing the fundamental aspects of them with new elements that make it possible to overcome the serious problems of the labor market, all with the aim of creating employment “with dignity, decent and with rights. “.

In addition, both organizations demand the repeal of the 2013 pension reform so that pensions are revalued each year by law in accordance with the CPI, the sustainability factor is permanently repealed and the viability and sustainability of the public system be assured.

“Now is the time. Now it is time to promote the necessary measures so that no one is left behind. The unions have worked during the pandemic to sustain companies and workers in this country. People have fulfilled their responsibility to sustain the sectors productive sectors of our economy. Now, the Government must take a step forward and begin to implement the measures committed to all levels of society, “they defend.


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