October 20, 2020

CCOO and UGT pressure the Government for the delay in helping the unemployed who have exhausted their benefits: “It is unacceptable”

Call of attention and measure of pressure from the majority unions, CCOO and UGT, to the Government for the delay in the approval of the aid announced for unemployed people who have exhausted their benefits during the pandemic. Both organizations have released a statement this Friday in which they urge the Executive to urgently approve this measure, which is being delayed despite the fact that the Ministry of Labor said it was finalizing it already in August, after negotiate the extraordinary allowance of about 430 euros per month with the social agents.

Unemployed people before the coronavirus: "They don't even name us in this crisis, we are forgotten"

Unemployed people before the coronavirus: “They don’t even name us in this crisis, we are forgotten”

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The unions have been urging the Government for months that, in addition to the measures approved for workers in ERTE and other groups affected by the pandemic, such as domestic workers and permanent workers, unemployed people also see their social protection strengthened since Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, they face enormous difficulties in finding a job. Spain already had a large number of unemployed people before the economic collapse derived from the pandemic, 3.2 million in total, who in some cases have felt “abandoned” due to the lack of measures for their group, as several of them reported to this medium.

The Ministry of Labor began a negotiation with the social agents in this regard in July, after committing itself to the extension of the ERTE until September 30 to address this issue. Before the summer break, Labor was finalizing an extraordinary subsidy for some 550,000 unemployed people who had exhausted their unemployment benefit from the start of the state of alarm until September 30. There were still issues to be closed, as highlighted above all in UGT, but help seemed imminent.

With the return of the activity in September, several measures have been carried out, such as the Teleworking Law, the labor equality regulations and the new extension of the ERTE until January 31, but not this extraordinary subsidy. Last week a negotiation meeting on the issue was scheduled at the social dialogue table, but it was finally postponed due to “scheduling problems” at the Ministry of Labor, union sources point out. And until today.

The Secretary of State for Labor and Social Economy, Joaquín Pérez Rey, responded to elDiario.es about the delay in the aid that I was confident that it could be ready this month of October and Minister Yolanda Díaz also stated this week at a meeting in El País that “the social dialogue table ended” and that “all parties agree to provide protection” to this group.

“After that negotiation, inexplicably, the Government has delayed the written concretion of the result of the negotiation. At this moment it has not yet done so, despite the fact that the negotiation began under the premise of an urgent response to this situation that already It should be underway, “CCOO and UGT denounce in their letter released this Friday, in which they call on the Government to address this” priority issue “urgently.

The unions add that they consider “unacceptable the lack of sensitivity that the Government of Spain is showing with hundreds of thousands of people who have been expelled from the labor market, have consumed unemployment protection, during a period in which their chances of finding a job employment have been, in many cases they are still nil, as we have repeatedly denounced since the beginning of the health crisis “.

In these months of delay to give the green light to the aid, sources of social dialogue point to the Treasury as responsible for the measure not going ahead. CCOO and UGT point out that they will not “fall into the error of identifying responsibility for this issue in one Ministry or another, or echo who has more or less sensitivity in this matter” and they point to the entire Executive: “We place the Pedro Sánchez’s government to comply with the repeated commitments and announcements that it has made in this regard. There is no economic, social and, of course, political reason that justifies not resolving this issue urgently. ”


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