CCOO and UGT call for a series of mobilizations until next March 8 - The Province

CCOO and UGT call for a series of mobilizations until next March 8 - The Province

The Secretary General of CC.OO., Unai Sordo, and the UGT, Pepe Álvarez, have started this Tuesdaya mobilization process that will culminate on March 8, International Women's Day, withwork stoppages of two hours per shiftwith the possibility that in some sectors, "due to their particularities and demands", the strike will be 24 hours.

In a meeting with the media, both union representatives have assured that this process of mobilization will be carried out on three fronts:in collective bargaining, especially in those sectors where the 14,000 euros per year of minimum wage have not yet been reached;in the social dialogue with the Governmentwith respect to labor and pension reforms, andin the field of equality.

In particular, this mobilization processwill have a turning point on February 8 with a "great unitary union act"in which they will gather 10,000 trade unionists of both formations. This act, according to Sordo and Álvarez, is still a first step in a process in which "if there is no response from the Government, there will be mobilization." "We want the government and economic actors to know that we will not wait for the legislature to end to address this situation," Álvarez said.

This mobilization campaign will end on March 8, "in a day of struggle and strike in which they will converge with the feminist movementin the demand for more determination, courage and resources to address gender gaps and violence against women. "


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