CCOO and UGT ask to limit to 25% of staff Postal services

The CCOO and UGT unions have asked this Sunday that the Government delimit the postal services and postal public service to 25% of the workforce, so that the necessary provision is reconciled with the minimum exposure of workers.

For this, according to the unions, the president of the Post Office, Juan Manuel Serrano, must replace the current operating instructions that have plunged the company "into unprecedented organizational chaos", with others that reconcile both interests, that of providing services public with health protection template.

CCOO and UGT have reiterated, in a statement, that the provision of essential services must be carried out with the maximum protection by means of individual and collective protection equipment and measures that guarantee the safety of workers, otherwise, Correos "must paralyze their activity wherever they fail. "

Both organizations have transmitted to the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, by letter prior to the celebration of the Council of Ministers, so that in the royal decree that will be approved today, he establishes the criteria for the provision of the Universal Postal Service.

According to the unions, the president of the Post Office "refused" to define them in the internal instructions he sent on March 15, "causing unprecedented chaos in the management of the public company."

CCOO and UGT consider that public mail, such as health, transport or fire and other public services, "can play a relevant role so that citizens spend their forced and necessary confinement in the best possible conditions."

In his opinion, the approval of today's royal decree may be "an extraordinary opportunity" to reorient the situation and place Correos, as a public service, "at the height" of the emergency situation in the country.


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