February 28, 2021

CCOO and UGT ask for an opportunity for alternative candidacies to the right

CCOO and UGT have expressed this Friday their "concern" for the development of the pacts for the formation of new government in the Community of Madrid and the agreement between PP and Citizens, and consider that face the investiture must have opportunity for candidacies alternatives to those on the right.

In a joint statement, the Madrid sections of both unions assess the socio-political situation of the Community of Madrid after the elections on May 26 and deplore the "paralysis" of the actions of the regional government in office, which has even produced the cessation of the Minister of Economy, Employment and Finance.

"We believe that the Presidency of the Assembly of Madrid should explore all the options and allow the presentation of alternative candidacies to the investiture to those announced by the right and the extreme right," say CCOO and UGT.

With regard to the government agreement 2019-2023 signed and announced by PP and Citizens, unions express their "deepest concern" because the commitments and measures included in it "do not propose solutions for the 1.3 million poor people and / or at risk of social exclusion, which make the Community of Madrid the most unequal region of the Spanish State ".

"Nor solve, say CCOO and UGT, the real problems of the population, but these will increase as a result of the maintenance of a regressive fiscal policy."

In the opinion of the unions, the PP-Citizens agreement "deepens" the ultraliberal model developed in the past two decades with "new privatizations and proposing, among other things, an educational model that will deepen existing inequalities and segregation of the population. "

If this model that PP and Citizens foresee will be put into practice, "it would pose a serious risk to the constitutional right to the education of the students", say both unions.

And they estimate, about the supposed "priority" that PP and Citizens will grant to employment that their agreement does not refer "to the essential and urgent development of industrial policies that generate wealth and stable and quality employment, despite the existence of the Industrial Plan of the Community of Madrid 2019-2025, signed by the regional government, UGT CCOO and CEIM.

Said agreement does not consider the "essential" participation of social agents in the development of active employment policies, which, as demonstrated by the Madrid Employment Strategy, is key for the insertion and reintegration of unemployed people, nor It deals with work accidents.

The unions do not understand that there can be "backsliding" in social matters and consider that "we must continue advancing in LGTBI rights or equality and integration of immigrants".

CCOO and UGT say that in a moment of "growth" of the socioeconomic situation, the region needs public policies that socially and territorially cohesion and face the challenges of the future, already initiated, of digitalization, the ecological transition and the technological revolution.

And also "guarantee public services and the protection of people, as well as respect for rights and freedoms and progress in equality".

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