May 17, 2021

CCO 7 Palmas slip against Alcobendas


Iberdrola League: Slip of 7Palmas

Pascual Saurín should not be happy with his team after the CCO 7 Palmas squander a 2 sets to 1 lead against him Alcobendas and in which they dominated at ease the second match of the league final to finally fall 2-3 in the second installment played this afternoon at the CID. The Madrid team did not give up and raised the clash with claw and an excellent Tess Clark in the last two sets.

Now it’s time to travel to Madrid to try to return the coin to the whole of the Spanish capital and have the chance to win the first trophy in the history of the island club. 1-1 and everything to be decided, the best of four games in the final tie.

If yesterday some clueless had approached the Insular Sports Center after they were invited to see the final of the women’s league, they could well be left with a doubtful face when they saw what was happening in the first set of the second match of the tie between the CCO 7 Palmas and Alcobendas.

Such was the superiority that the island team showed from the first balls thrown into the air that it did not seem that the two best teams in the competition were playing a title, at least in this second installment of the final. The Olympics acquired such an advantage, enjoying a latex mattress with the 23-12, in which comfort took hold of them.

It cost him six consecutive points from the Madrid women to take the 1-0, angered by his terrible start, and who wanted to change the gesture of Guillermo Gallardo, very angry at the actions of his players in the continuous errors that were accumulating in the first course of this gourmet menu.

Even so, from the control of the first period, where every ball that passed over the net was practically one more digit in the insular score, it went to maximum equality in the second set. Neither team gave their arm to twist and there was no advantage of more than two points in the whole game.

It was then that the Olympic captain, Saray Manzano, took pride in her club at the most decisive moment of the set until reaching 23-23 on the scoreboard. Gallardo asked for time out and the tension began to cut with the naife sharpest on the Island. Result? Fortune smiled at Alcobendas in the extension of the score, with an error in the serve by Flavia Galvao and a point by Sofía Elizaga with a parable that Alba Sánchez could not connect. 1-1 the initial blow had been canceled without too much brilliance from the Madrid women.

The clash continued along the path of superiority of 7 Palmas. Before the first half of the third installment, she already took the lead, doubling 14-7 on the CID abacus and with Sofía Elizaga getting desperate for the arbitration decisions, which cost her a yellow card.

Helia González’s serves made a hole in Alcobendas and led to a 7-1 run until Gallardo’s tried to react so as not to give away 2-1, which did not take more than five more balls in play to reach the final 25- eleven. Again another blow from the island with which to get in the hall of the second game won with which to face the visit to the rival pavilion next Saturday and Sunday in the capital of Spain.

Madrid reaction

Same script as in the second set. Visitor reaction in the even period, with a brilliant start of 1-5 with which Saurín asked for a pause and throw a mini-row at his for taking the path of anxiety to take the crash on the fast track. He already warned in the meeting on Saturday and again warned his team that leagues are won through effort and long points.

He controlled the score with advantages above six and seven points over the blue, until Saurín shook the shaker giving entry to Lisa Arbos to the detriment of Victoria Foucher. The French Revolution to the Olympic rescue, who did not want to go to the tie-breaker.

Tiebreaker that was inevitable in the way Alcobendas competed, unstoppable in blocking and with an excellent level in receptions. It seemed completely another team that was seen in the three previous periods and responded with a 13-25 to return to live for the second day in a row another tie-breaker.

All the equality demonstrated until the final game came to light in the tiebreaker. Both give and take until 13-13 and with a serve for the Olímpico, until Tess Clark was in charge of putting the tip with a shot and a block in the subsequent ball in play. Draw 1-1 and everything to be resolved in Madrid.


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