CC will vote 'no' to the decree that leaves aid to buses at 50%

Archive image of the CC deputies, Ana Oramas (i) and María Fernández. / EFE

Congress holds an extraordinary plenary session on Thursday to validate the energy saving decree

B. Hernandez

B. HERNANDEZ The Gran Canarian palms

two deputies of the Canarian Coalition (CC) in the Congress of Deputies,
Ana Oramas and Maria Fernandez -the latter replaced Pedro Quevedo (NC) last June-,
they will vote against tomorrow of the validation of
decree law approved by the Government with the
extraordinary measures to save energy ahead of winter and in view of the increase in fuel prices as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Among these measures is the
reduction in the price of public transporta proposal that has been widely contested from the autonomous community.

Among other issues, this decree law articulates the
free commuter and medium distance trainsto in the
Peninsula and Balearic Islands between September 1 and December 31.

However, in the case of
Canary Islandsthe
buses they will have one
50% bonus, percentage that was initially 30% but rose to 20%. The initiative that has been
criticized by all political formations of the islands
except the Socialist Partyunderstanding that it is discrimination against the canaries.


  • royal decree
    The objective is to encourage the use of public transport with travel bonuses in public companies such as Renfe, which is not applicable in some regions.

  • 100% in Majorca
    After verifying the error, Sánchez announced that the Government will discount 100% of recurring rail transport in the Balearic Islands, where there is a train in Mallorca.

  • 50% in the Canary Islands
    On the islands, a 30% discount was set on intercity buses. Later it rose to 50% and urban and tram lines were included.

Maria Fernandez explained that the executive of the Canarian Coalition decided that the vote of its two parliamentarians was against "because we are not willing to be complicit in the treatment given to Canarians as
second class citizens.

In his opinion, "it cannot be that in a policy of cushioning the impact of inflation on the pockets of families, which also aims to promote the choice of a more sustainable means of transport,
a citizen is penalized for living on the islands in front of the peninsular territory».

lack of consensus

In addition, the nationalist deputy criticized that there has been no
the opinion of the sectors nor have the energy saving measures been adapted to the
realities of the different autonomous communities.

In his opinion, this situation is
another example of contempt and of
lack of consensus of the fait accompli policy that it has decided to carry out
the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez.

Fernandez reiterated that the two votes against the Canarian Coalition in the extraordinary plenary session held tomorrow in Congress is due to the fact that
the canaries "have to be listened tothey have to be understood and attended to, taking into account their needs».


After Pedro Sánchez slammed the door, during an appearance in Lanzarote, at the possibility of equating the bonuses for buses with trains, the Canarian president,
Angel Victor Torresopened the possibility for
cabildos and city councils "put your shoulders to the wheel» and implement the aid with their own resources. However, no local entity has picked up this glove. Quite the contrary.

The opposition charges Torres for failing to raise the bonus

The councils that are not led by the Socialist Party -
Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and La Gomera- they have
dismissed this possibility pointing out that they are already facing the extra cost that this competence implies, which is not well endowed, in addition to pointing out that they have already launched other benefits to subsidize transport for vulnerable groups.

In the case of
Tenerifethe plenary session of the Cabildo approved this week -with the vote against the PSOE and Ciudadanos government partners-
request the Executive of Spain to extend free public transport both in buses and in the tram. The vote took place in an extraordinary session convened at the request of CC.

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