CC sees Torres "hostage" of the pact and "submissive" with Madrid

The parliamentary spokesman for the Canarian Coalition, José Miguel Barragán, during the press conference yesterday. / EFE

Barragán presented the proactive lines of action of the nationalists "because we are a government party"

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The president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres"He has not been able to articulate a government of the best" to meet the challenges of the autonomous community.

The spokesperson for the Canarian Coalition in Parliament,
Jose Miguel Barraganassessed yesterday in this way the management of the
regional executive and, although he wanted to get away from the "pim pam pum" that was seen in the Senate debate between Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Núñez Feijóo,
did not skimp on criticism.

At a press conference to present the lines of action of the
Nationalist Parliamentary Group Before the new period of sessions, Barragán assured that
The Canary Islands are not better than in 2019and this is largely due to
Torres has been "hostage of an ungovernable pact" but also because he has shown an attitude of
“submission” before the Government of Sánchezwhich has "despised" the archipelago, he said.

For the Canarian Coalition, another of Torres's mistakes is that
has not known how to make "a government of the best" -he recalled that the nationalists offered him their support if he wanted to make changes to improve the efficiency of some departments-,
not even the ministries have known how to be leaders andn their areas of competence.

Even so, the Canarian Coalition, assured its spokesman,
will keep his line of purpose “because we are a government party and the alternative to the Pact of the Flowers». He stated that this formation is not for confrontation, as he shows that
they have supported all the law decrees that have been taken both to the Parliament of the Canary Islands and to the Congress of Deputies.

hot autumn

In any case, he pointed out that the work of the nationalists in this new period of sessions -
autumn «hot or black», as he called it- is going to focus on the
difficulties that families, SMEs and the self-employed are going through due to inflation and
price increase; the maintenance of
he employment or the
social and health issues which, in his opinion, "get worse".

In this regard, José Miguel Barragán emphasized that the economic sectors have to be the spearhead of
forceful measures that allow minimizing the impact of inflation, the cost of supplies and transport on the price of the final product that ultimately affects the consumer.

He also highlighted in his analysis that at this time
The defense of the interests of the Canary Islands "does not exist" before the State by the Government of the Canary Islands, and cited issues such as the REF, the transport bonus, the change of position on the Sahara or the roads.

In addition, he criticized that while institutional cooperation is requested,
the Government of Spain refuses to participate in the study commissions on immigration and on the recovery and reconstruction of La Palma open in the regional Chamber and wondered if "it is understandable that the Canary Islands take this attitude for good" .

For the spokesman of the Nationalist Group
"Things can and should be done better"but for now, what exists is an "uncontrolled propaganda" by the Government of the Pact of Flowers.

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