January 26, 2021

CC OO will rethink the dialogue with the Government for not repealing the labor reform | Economy

CC OO will rethink the dialogue with the Government for not repealing the labor reform | Economy

The CC OO union demands the Government to carry forward "what has been agreed" on the labor reform. The unrest in the organization that Unai Sordo runs with the Executive is growing every day because it did not succeed in decreeing the result of what it negotiated together with UGT and the Ministry of Labor until December. The employer went down. The outrage comes to the point that this power station is reconsidered to continue at the negotiating table about other changes in the labor reform that the Government now wants to address (contracts and breaches of agreements) if this is not done before "coresponsible with what is spoken" .

That "co-responsibility" that Sordo talks about is that the Council of Ministers approves a decree law and sends it to Congress. "We know that it is a utopia that the texts, which are very good, come out of Congress as they have spoken with the Government. But one thing is that and another does not become co-responsible, "says the trade unionist, at a breakfast with press held on Tuesday.

The CC OO and UGT unions, the Government and the CEOE employers negotiated changes in the labor reform until mid-December. The businessmen moved away from the talks soon, but the Ministry of Labor and the centrals left ready several texts on changes in significant points of the labor reform of 2012 (collective bargaining).

Now the Government, according to the story of Sordo, wants to continue talking about changes in contracting and breaches of agreements. But CC OO believes that before it should be clarified what happens with what has already been discussed. "What position will the unions have if there is no co-responsibility from the government?" Asks the CC OO leader.

What the trade unions are asking, also UGT, is that the Government remove the advanced topics in a royal decree law. Although Sordo knows that this is not the scenario with more possibilities at this time. He thinks that what the Executive and the socialist parliamentary group are going to try is to reach an agreement in Congress with the PDeCAT and Podemos.

This rethinking of social dialogue does not reach the pension reform. In this case, the union sees conditions on the political and social scene to reach an early agreement. Its starting position is still to repeal the 2013 reform (sustainability factor and pension revaluation according to the Social Security accounting situation) and to allocate more resources to Social Security so that the deficit closes.


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