CC OO: "The budgetary pact is necessary but insufficient" | Economy

CC OO: "The budgetary pact is necessary but insufficient" | Economy

TO CC OO the Government pact and Podemos for the 2019 budgets that "can give continuity to the legislature" seems "very relevant and positive." However, when it comes down to the detail of the assessment of fiscal aspects, it believes that it is "prudent, very prudent", in the words of its secretary general, Unai Sordo.

According to the calculations of CC OO, the fiscal measures suppose an increase in the collection of 3,400 million. "They are necessary, but insufficient. Spain has to cover the fiscal differential with the euro zone, of seven points of GDP. And this is three tenths ", continued Sordo, to whom the reactions of businessmen and" the political and media right ", also on the minimum wage, seem" unjustified ".

"A CC OO is struck by this reaction, it is disproportionate", Sordo has extended. "In Spain, fiscal post-fiscality is being installed, there is a lot of talk that an effective minimum rate will be imposed on the corporate tax of 15%, but it is not said that this will affect very few companies. years the average effective rate paid by companies by companies was 21.8% and now 10%, "he continued.

Regarding the rise of the minimum inter-professional salary of 22.3% to 900 euros per month, Sordo has indicated that "it is a desirable measure". He has admitted that his organization does not like that "negotiations are addressed [salariales] from these areas, but we are aware of the political uniqueness of the situation. "

On the fact that the increase in the minimum wage has been made outside the previously social and business reaction, Sordo has commented that he feels "jointly responsible for the agreements to what comes, but of all." Explained the leader of CC OO that with these words refers to it is true that there is a pact signed by the social partners with the previous Government so that the SMI is set at 850 euros in 2020 and that, at the same time, your organization He is also "co-responsible" for the collective bargaining agreement signed three months ago by which the lowest salaries in the agreement would have to go up to 14,000 euros a year, instead, there have already been employers integrated into CEOE – "Castilla-La Mancha , Castilla y León or Cantabria "- they have been told that they intend to fulfill it.

The trade unionist has also been hard on the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, when he pointed out that one of the consequences of the PSOE-Podemos agreement is that it has opened debates. "We think it is interesting to talk about the minimum interprofessional wage or tax model, rather than about the Pinta, Niña and Santa María." I was shooting against Casado's statements this weekend about Spanishness "as the most important milestone of humanity, only comparable to Romanization"and, at the same time, criticized one of the politicians who has shown the hardest with the fiscal pact.


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