CC.OO. calls for the transformation of Navantia into a civil and defense industry

CC.OO. calls for the transformation of Navantia into a civil and defense industry

The CC.OO union has asked today that the activity of Navantia is not limited "to national defense" but that it is transformed into a "dual civil and Spanish defense industry, leader in the world market, as a guarantee of employment and of the future".

CC.OO. it indicates it this way in a press release sent to Efe tonight, in which it denounces "the violation of the human rights that is taking place on the part of the Saudi regime, as much in the war of the Yemen as in the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi" .

However, the union says that the naval sector for defense "is strategic in any country" and, therefore, says that workers "do not resign" to Navantia "disappear and have to depend on third parties" as it ensures that "would lead to the impossibility of maintaining current levels of employment."

CC.OO calls on public opinion and the different social and political fields to "understand this position that, in this situation, seems the most reasonable and the only one that can guarantee the future of thousands of workers".

In addition, he says that this is the only possible way to maintain "the development of the regions where the shipyards are located and a sector that has the need to change, but which continues to be strategic for our country."

Meanwhile, CCOO chooses to "comply with the current contracts and expedite the commitments", both for international clients and those of the Spanish armed forces, but believes that at the same time "opening new markets in countries that do not compromise human rights in his defense policies. "

"At this moment we believe that prudence, political will and time are our best allies, without detriment to continuing to denounce any violation that may arise from human rights in the world," the union adds in its note.


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