CC.OO. believes that the electro-intensive statute could contain more measures to reduce costs

In a statement, the union affirms that, as little as it has been able to know following a document published by the Government, "more measures could be applied in the sector than those included in the Statute to reduce costs."

However, CC.OO recalls that the Ministries of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and Ecological Transition have insisted that it is all that has been agreed upon with the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) and with the European Union .

In the absence of more specificity on the new statute, CC.OO emphasizes that its greatest requirement is to guarantee employment, since "thousands of jobs" depend on the sector. For the union, the objective is to avoid closures and employment regulation files due to high energy costs.

Even so, CC.OO. Industry preferred not to rush and wait a few hours to read the document in its entirety and to be able to agree with the federations of the affected regions what their position will be.

The Royal Decree Statute of the Electrointensive Consumer will guarantee to the big industry a new item of 90 million euros to compensate the charges in its electric bill destined to finance the renewable, high efficiency cogeneration and extra cost of non-peninsular territories.

It also incorporates the creation of a hedging mechanism for the promotion of long-term energy sales contracts ('PPA'), with the aim of lowering the energy costs of large consumers.


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