CC.OO. and UGT announce mobilizations in the face of government passivity

CC.OO. and UGT announce mobilizations in the face of government passivity


CC.OO. and UGT will convene a macro assembly of union delegates next February 8 in Madrid and two-hour strikes the March 8 -day of the working woman- throughout Spain against the passivity of the socialist government to repeal the labor and pension reforms, as well as the modification of the Workers' Statute.

This was announced today by the secretaries general of both organizations, Unai Sordo and Pepe Álvarez, after meeting together the executive committees of the two unions at the headquarters of CC.OO.

Sordo stressed that "we are already tired of the political debates revolving around the size of the flags or the takeover of Granada and we believe that It is time to move the texts that we have closed with the Government to the BOE, although the employers do not add ». He has also warned the employers that "we are going to stress the negotiations".

«The time to propose is over», Álvarez pointed out. «People can not wait anymore; measures have been sold that have not been transferred to the BOE. This country grows, wealth is generated, but it goes into the hands of a few ».

The general secretary of UGT wants the government to use the mechanism of the decree law so that the measures take effect immediately. «As for example, the ultraactivity, since there are dozens of collective agreements that have ended on December 31st».

Unai Sordo has taken advantage of the act to criticize Vox harshly for his «reactionary discourse» against gender violence in women and for «wanting to recover slavery».


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