CC claims the payment of the real value of what was lost by the La Palma volcano to avoid “destitution”

Canary Coalition (CC) spoke out for the payment of aid to the victims of the volcano and the management of the same. Your regional and island general secretaries, Fernando Clavijo and Nieves Lady Barreto, respectively, demanded payment of the real value of the land and houses destroyed by the lava of the La Palma volcano as a way of preventing uprooting and abandonment of the Island or that those affected “fall into destitution.”

Clavijo referred to the fact that “political unity cannot serve as an excuse to cover up inefficiency or incompetence,” as well as “the massive deception that is intended to be done with this Island,” he said. In his opinion, political unity has to serve to “give back to those affected what the volcano has taken from them”, stressing that it must be “at a real price.”

The senator also referred to the fact that the approved aid of up to 30,000 euros per person is not enough for the elderly to rebuild their lives. In this regard, he regretted that this is “condemning” those affected to leave the island or live in poverty, he said, “something that this political formation is not going to allow.”

For this reason, he insisted on the need for official pronouncements by the Government of the Canary Islands and the Island Council in the sense of committing to pay those affected “the real value of what the volcano has taken from them”, to, from there, “begin the reconstruction.”

On this matter, Barreto stressed that “if this is not done, people are being deceived.” He warned that “it cannot be said that no one is going to be left behind, when, in reality, they are leaving everyone, because giving 30,000 euros per home, 20,000 per farm or 9,000 euros per business to the victims is to leave them back and commit an injustice to them, “he lamented. “Rebuilding the Island, that people once again have the possibility of recovering their heritage to live here and create jobs is only a matter of money,” said both leaders.

“Now the political will to do so is lacking,” explained Nieves Lady Barreto. In this sense, Fernando Clavijo recalled that CC presented an amendment to the General State Budgets for 700 million euros multi-year, as long as the reconstruction of both public and private goods is necessary.

Nationalists warn that those who govern will respond to the management of this crisis


The leaders of CC took the opportunity to demand unity and offer collaboration to the Cabildo, the Government of the Canary Islands, the Government of Spain and the affected municipalities. At the same time, the senator demanded “concrete actions”, because the unit “cannot serve to cover the inefficiency, incompetence or massive deception that is intended to be done with this Island.”

Regarding the valuation of the losses made by the regional Executive (906 million), Nieves Lady Barreto wondered why it was done without informing those affected of the value of the square meter. He recalled that, in the case of farms, there is a recent benchmark with banana farms affected by the Tazacorte ring road, where the Government of the Canary Islands paid 45 euros per square meter for non-wintering and 60 euros for wintering. “That should be the reference price, at the very least.”

Fernando Clavijo and Nieves Lady Barreto, yesterday. ED

After reiterating the will of CC to support the measures they apply to return to the victims the real value of what they have lost and to rebuild the Island, since “no one is to blame for the volcano, they warned that” make of this crisis those who govern will have to respond ».


The adjudication of the houses is another example of the supposed mismanagement of this crisis. Barreto referred to the fact that “they do not have electricity, water, or furniture”, demanding from the political managers “fewer photos and less posturing” and yes “actions in favor of the victims.”

Although they valued the visits of the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, they said that the care and management of this volcanic emergency cannot be treated like any other.

Clavijo affirmed that La Palma “has lost 80% of GDP in one year”, adding that with the crisis of the covid Those losses amounted to 300 million and the current ones are estimated at another 900 million.

For all these reasons, the senator of the Canary Coalition described it as indispensable that “that unity that is claimed from us as the opposition is offered by the rest of the political forces when it is necessary to vote on our amendments to the General State Budgets and the Budgets of the Autonomous Community “, So that in this way” the real value of the assets they have lost is returned to the victims. ” Fernando Clavijo concluded that, in this way, “then yes we can talk about a true commitment to La Palma.”


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