July 24, 2021

Cazorla eases the drama for Villarreal in Moscow | sports

Cazorla eases the drama for Villarreal in Moscow | sports

Santi Cazorla, from the penalty spot and in the 95th minute, relieved Villarreal, who in a great part of a strange clash controlled Spartak. It surpassed in two occasions the Muscovites, that in a final arreón they obtained a comeback that seemed definitive and that left touched to the present indefinable team of Calleja. The infringement committed on Funes Mori to the exit of the last corner kick of the meeting, when they passed the four minutes of discount decreed, helped Villarreal on the bell. From the 11 meters, Cazorla rescued a tie for the Castellón to calm the discouragement. An award for the Asturian who celebrated with anger his first goal back home. Cazorla returned to enjoy the feeling of the ecstasy of the goal. The last one he scored was 25 months ago against Southampton dressed in Arsenal's kit.

It cost him to enter the match against Villarreal in the cold Moscow night. And he found the heat before the quarter hour on his first approach to the area of ​​Maksimenko, in an individual action of Toko Ekambi, who maneuvered masterfully to find space between three defenders of Spartak and placed the ball in the Russian left square.

The yellow advantage made a dent in the spirit of Spartak, little thing the group led by the Italian Massimo Carrera. Control of the ball passed at the feet of Calleja. The Madrid coach made use of the rotations, with the entry in the eleven of Samu Chukwueze, Nigerian extreme of 19 years that is causing a sensation in the subsidiary. He was also as Sansone holder. And the ex-striker of Sassuolo committed the awkwardness of raising his left arm to protect himself from a harmless center of the Russian team. The ball hit the end of the Italian in the limit of the left corner of the goal area defended by Andrés Fernández. The referee decreed a penalty. The Murcian could not stop the maximum penalty thrown by Zé Luís.

It was Villarreal's turn to start again before a Spartak more convinced of their chances with the draw, needed the prominence of Trigueros and Fornals, waiting to show Chukwueze, initially timid the promising left-handed. With more intention than judgment, the Russian team looked more frequently to the area of ​​Andrés Fernández. The first act had as an epilogue a bad yellow counterattack ended by Fornals, who did not attend the presence of brand-free Sansone.

He re-purposed his bad decision Fornals at the start of the second act. Took a rival rejection, left seated with a cut to a defender and shot dry with the left to sink a goal. The play was initiated by Chukwueze, who was losing the shame with the passage of minutes until he was replaced by Cazorla to give control to the game of Villarreal. Spartak was able to tie with a shot from Hanni to the right post of Andrés Fernández. He got it eight minutes from the end with a header by Zé Luís. The drama was not there for Villarreal. Two minutes later, Melgarejo came back for Spartak. In the last breath, Cazorla, of penalty, granted a break to Villarreal.

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