'Cazadores Salvajes', from the Canarian producer Terra Incognita Docs to La 2 of TVE - La Provincia

The Spanish Television 2 premieres Sunday, October 6 'Wild Hunters', a documentary series of 13 one-hour episodes recorded in 4K format and produced by the Canarian producer Terra Incognita Docs.

'Wild Hunters' is probably the most ambitious Spanish documentary production since Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente. Terra Incognita Docs has used in its recording the latest technological advances: drones, time lapse, high speed cameras, subjective cameras, etc. With all this, he has created a visual spectacle that reveals the amazing world of predators - large and small - on the planet: from the Alaskan Grizzly to the Indian royal cobra; from the packs of lions of the Masai Mara to the scary but voracious ladybugs; from the Iberian imperial eagle to Komodo dragon.

Until now, no audiovisual work has faced the challenge of showing not only the hunting skills of these animals but also the life cycle of the various species that are spread throughout the planet. The series shows spectacularly the hard fight for the survival of the hunters, a fight that, contrary to what is often thought, they share with their prey.

Two years the recording of 'Wild Hunters' has lasted in the most exotic and remote destinations of the Earth in search of the most skillful predators and the most unique behaviors. Images never seen and little or nothing known species will delight the viewer.

National Geographic has acquired the series, whose original version is in Spanish and English, for its premiere in more than 80 countries. In the hands of Wild Stories Distribution, 'Wild Hunters' is being presented at the main international television fairs in order to reach new audiences and international clients.

The participation of TVE in this great production of Terra Incognita Docs is another example of the public chain's commitment to 4K and quality content produced in Spain with international projection.

This Wednesday the series will be presented in Madrid by the executive producer of La 2 Rosa Pérez Roa and the director of the series, Juan Antonio Rodríguez Llano, along with Pablo Alemán, executive producer of the series and director of Wild Stories, in charge of its international distribution.

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