October 1, 2020

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo on YouTube, chapter II: Catalunya

The parliamentary exporter of the PP, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has continued this Friday with her soliloquies on the new YouTube channel, which she inaugurated last Tuesday and christened her ‘CATilinarias’. If, at its premiere, she used this communication channel to attack her party and denounce the marginalization to which the party leadership has subjected her since her cessation, by not allowing her to attend plenary sessions with the excuse that only 50% of the the bench, in this second installment focuses on Catalonia and celebrates the Diada of this September 11 in its own way, doing a review of its history.

Under the title ‘For civil peace’, the deputy for Barcelona of the PP addresses again the “voters and former voters of the PP” and for several minutes is dedicated to charging against the nationalists, whom she accuses of confronting each other. the Catalans and having manipulated history with the sole purpose of justifying their wishes for independence. “Today I come to talk about September 11, that is, about the civil war, a war between Catalans because that was on September 11, 1714”, begins his address.

Before starting, Álvarez de Toledo, however, appreciates the good reception that his initiative has had and congratulates himself that there are more and more followers – this Friday he had about 11,500 subscribers – to the YouTube channel in which he promises to improve the quality of your home recordings.

But he immediately reviews the recent events in the autonomy, the process “that Justice defeated and that Pedro Sánchez has risen”, and assures that the only positive thing about that process was that “the myth that Catalonia it was a single people, “since” the other Catalonia emerged, the civic, luminous, tolerant, inclusive, constitutional Catalonia that the Popular Party has the moral obligation and the political mandate to articulate, “a sentence referring to an alliance in the next elections of a unitary candidacy with the Socialists and Citizens.

In addition, he attacks the Prime Minister for lamenting in the Senate the suicide of ETA Igor González in the Gipuzkoan prison of Martutene, which in his opinion represents “the image of Spanish decadence” for which he calls his party to “rebel and mobilize against it. ”

After its introduction, the deputy recovers in full the speech she gave against the procés during the Day of September 11, 2014 on the occasion of the presentation of the ‘Free and Equal’ platform.

In the previous video titled ‘Los 44’, Pablo Casado’s parliamentary export spokesperson reveals that during the past week she contacted the parliamentary leadership that Cuca Gamarra now heads to request that they allow her to integrate some committees. But the group’s leadership excluded it from the Constitutional, Territorial Policy, Justice, Foreign Affairs and Equality. “The next day I was told that the decision is to be in the Treasury, EU and Science and Universities,” she reveals.

Despite the marginalization that she regrets to be suffering, Álvarez de Toledo has decided to continue as a deputy claiming that she does so because she continues to think that “a constitutional alternative is possible” in Catalonia and because “Spain cannot be a tilted board in which the formations nationalists and the left have an advantage. ” But from now on she will work and do politics as “a low-level deputy” and will defend “her ideology” knowing that “the parties have a highly hierarchical structure”, which “reduces the voice of parliamentarians,” he said.


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