Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo appeals to the elites to stop the independence movement

Álvarez de Toledo apela a la “responsabilidad de las élites” frente al separatismo

In the Equestrian Circle, before more than 150 people from Barcelona's civil and economic society, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo has made an appeal to the Catalan elites to assume "their responsibility "and take a step forward to stop the independence process and promote "the democratic return" to the Catalans.

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"We must give more autonomy to the Democrats and the Constitutionalists," said the PP candidate to 28-A for Barcelona. This is the core concept of his story for Catalonia, with which he tries to transmit the need to reinforce morally, politically, economically and businessly to this half of non-independent Catalonia that has suffered for decades from the "framework" of independence.

"The democratic rescue of Catalonia can not be done only from the Government, it needs the involvement of society, the conviction absolute of this community"He said. "How do you do that?", He asked himself before a capacity that has kept rigorous silence during his speech.

It will not be easy, he admitted, years will be necessary, he added, and in the first instance, law in Catalonia "is always fulfilled" -Has put as examples of violation the failure to comply with the sentences in schools or the placement of yellow ties.

This return to the situation, he warned, will only be successful if there is a large constitutional mobilization that "faces" in the field of ideas to separatism in order to defend a "system in which we can all live together in freedom and prosperity".

The appeal to the ruling classes, whom he has designated as responsible party -by conviction, fear or abandonment of functions- that the independence movement could achieve a DUI in October 2017. "The elites must assume their status as militant democrats, militants of the 1978 Constitution that represents their pact of reconciliation, Spanish civil peace," he said.

In an institution that he knows very well from family ties and from his professional activity, a few years ago he presented in one of his classrooms together with Mario Vargas Llosa Y Arcadi Sword the Free and Equal platform, Álvarez de Toledo wanted to take advantage of that familiarity with the Catalan ruling classes to point out, in a clear, hard but educated way, what she considers to be the complicity, by will or omission, of a part of the elites with the independence process.

"The great scam of nationalism would not have been possible without businessmen, actors, journalists, politicians lending themselves to it, shut up or take some doses of the independence poisons. It was not until the final assault of the process, in the fall of 2017, when the society awoke in an exciting way and went out to the street, "he assured. Nail multitudinous manifestations of constitutionalism whose unitary spirit wait to recover.

Álvarez de Toledo has not shied away from self-criticism for the mistakes made by the PP in Catalonia, although he has partially exonerated José María Aznar for the Majestic pact with CiU in 1996. "He believed that he could integrate nationalism into the Spanish project, including offered to Pujol twice to enter the Government, "he explained.

Having said that, he has defended that the PP has taken good note of past episodes with Catalan nationalism. "We have learned the mistakes, I ask many Catalans to return to the PP as I have done," he said. In his call to take a step forward, Álvarez de Toledo has asked citizens not to "buy cheap solutions", like that "dialogue" proposed by the PSC candidate, Meritxell Batet, and that is "empty" and devoid of meaning, but do not fall seduced by the "vow of anger" that represents Vox.

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