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Catastrophe It has been perfect. It has made the viewers empathize so much with the protagonists that the pain of separating ourselves from them with the end of the series has been real. Like those friends of the university who, at the end of the race, swear that you will continue to see them but life imposes itself and other things arrive, other people, and you never hear from them other than by some Facebook update. The separation hurts really. You say you'll see again Catastrophe from chapter one but in the background you know that no, that the list of series that you have pending will prevent it.

Between laughter and tears (as has been almost everything in the series, as is everything in life), this acid comedy has gone and the incredible thing is that we are not making all demonstrations in the streets to claim more. My Fridays are not going to be the same without Rob and Sharon. And yours should not either. If you have not seen yet Catastrophe, you are already taking.

Before reaching its end, the series has left behind four seasons in which we have come to know the main character (played by Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, also creators and scriptwriters) in such a way that they seem like our friends. Here we have already talked about the naturalness of the series and the characters, the wonderful dialogues, the cultural references. Of the defects that Rob and Sharon have that make them as real, as human, as we are, so perfectly imperfect. Catastrophe is a series about real love, about real life, with its problems, its virtues, its bitterness and its joys. With people like Rob who, years after being married, still keep Sharon's phone on his cell phone as "Sharon Sex London."

'Catastrophe' and real love

The fourth season is a fantastic farewell. It has not needed to revolutionize anything because Catastrophe It has always been fantastic. It has remained at that great level and that is the best news. The season (in Movistar + is the whole series) has allowed viewers to say goodbye to secondary characters almost as wonderful as the protagonists. It shows the weaknesses of Rob and Sharon, who need each other more than they would like and become strong together. The final chapter is the best that this series could have. It has moments for laughter and for emotion, for uncertainty and for anguish. And on top of that is the memory of Carrie Fisher, who played Rob's mother. It makes you cry while you smile. Because you do not know what will become of them, but you know that together they will do well. The life of Rob and Sharon continues, but without us. And that is painful.

But how much was worth the road. I hope more series that perfect. And hopefully in the future we meet again with them even if it is in a meeting of former students. Rob, Sharon: we have to stay.


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