May 16, 2021

Catalonia will receive 64% more investment than Madrid

Catalonia will receive 64% more investment than Madrid

The Government has triggered the real investment Navarra (+ 92.2%), Comunidad Valenciana (+ 60.7%), Cataluña (+ 52%) and Andalucía (+ 44.3%), according to the draft of the State Budgets for 2019, Conversely, La Rioja (-39.1%), Ceuta (-23.7%), Galicia (-19.2%), Balearic Islands (-11.4%), Cantabria (-9.3%) and the Basque Country (-7.8%) are the most affected regions according to the accounts presented today by the Sánchez Executive. In the case of Madrid, investment will barely grow by 0.1%, despite being the engine of the Spanish economy. The political nod to Catalan separatists by the socialist government translates into a real territorial investment of 2,051 million euros, 16.8% of the total budgeted, while Madrid will receive 1,249 million, or 10.3%. With these data, Catalonia will receive 62.2% more investment than Madrid. Andalusia remains the region that will receive more investment from the State, with 2,132 million euros, 17.5% of the total allocated.

The table of the 2019 Budgets that indicates the territorial distribution of the real investment of the state public sector – administrative, business and foundational – contemplates a total investment of 16,947.23 million euros, 14.3 percent more than in 2018.


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