March 2, 2021

Catalonia will propose to reunify Barcelona and delay the phase change for Lleida

The Health Department of the Generalitat will propose that starting next Monday the current three areas of Barcelona, ​​the northern metropolitan and the southern metropolitan, be unified into a single health region, as well as delay the phase change for Lleida, after detecting a new outbreak of new cases.

If the Government’s proposal is approved by the central government, full mobility in Barcelona and its metropolitan area would be possible from June 1.

The delay in the change from phase 1 to 2 for Lleida is due to the fact that transmission chains of COVID-19 have been detected in agri-food companies that have maintained minimum services and that the authorities would have just detected, according to the Health department.

Specifically, on May 11, when the proposal for de-escalation of Lleida to phase 1 was approved, the accumulated incidence rate in 7 days was 12.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while on May 22 it was 42.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

“The Health Department has decided to wait a few days to see the evolution of these incidents,” said the Govern.

These proposals have been approved on Monday by the technical committee of the Procicat emergency plan, which will also demand that from June 1 the health regions of Girona, Central Catalonia and the areas of Penedès and Garraf pass phase 2 of unconfinement.

The decision to unite the three health regions of Barcelona is based on the fact that they have “a similar epidemiological evolution”, the Government reported in a statement.

Mobility between the three zones will also allow “relaxation of the high density of Barcelona”, adds the regional executive.

In order to give the green light to health reunification, the report prepared by ISGLOBAL has been taken into account, among others, indicating that the longest journeys between the new region should be a priority (that is, going to work, access to services and, especially, to natural areas for outdoor activities).

All in all, the Govern reminds that people should continue to move, whenever possible, in the most local area for those daily activities and local services.

On the other hand, the process of gradual de-escalation by COVID-19 in Catalonia continues to advance and the Department of Health now proposes that, starting next Monday, June 1, the health regions of Girona and Central Catalonia move to phase 2; This measure also includes the Garraf and Alt Penedès healthcare management areas.

Thus, these health regions will join the other three that are released in phase 2 today: Upper Pyrenees and Aran, Terres de l’Ebre and Camp de Tarragona.

As for the other health regions -Lleida and Barcelona reunified-, they would remain in phase 1.

The Generalitat recalled that the progress it will propose to the Government “is based on the conjunction of multiple factors.”

On the one hand, the downward evolution of epidemiological risk factors, and, on the other hand, the boost given to primary care for the ability to diagnose and monitor cases with the provision of PCR tests.


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