January 21, 2021

Catalonia will not advance in the de-escalation on Monday given the worsening of the contagion data

Catalonia will not advance to phase 2 de-escalation next Monday, as planned. The Generalitat has decided to extend the current measures to restrict social activity for at least one more week due to the fact that epidemiological data have worsened in recent days.

Catalonia's Christmas plan foresees that the curfew begins at 1:30 on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve

Catalonia’s Christmas plan foresees that the curfew begins at 1:30 on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

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The rate at which contagions spread, which reflects the RT indicator, has exceeded 0.9 this Thursday, one of the two thresholds set by the Generalitat itself for not continuing the opening. With these bad data, the members of the Procicat (the Generalitat organism that manages the pandemic) have addressed the decisive meeting this Thursday, and have finally chosen to put the brake on the reopening when there are only 20 days left until Christmas.

Beyond the RT, the other indicator that serves as a reference for the Generalitat to advance or not in the de-escalation, that of hospitalizations, does maintain a favorable trend. In the last hours, 83 people have been discharged, although a total of 1,591 remain admitted, with the ICUs occupied by 438.

The brake on de-escalation, advanced by TV3, represents a setback for some economic sectors that had this Monday marked as a date to either expand or directly resume their activity. This is the case of restaurants and bars, which were going to increase indoor capacity by 30%, and not 50%. Or cinemas, theaters and concert halls, which could be 70% open.

None of this can be, for now. Neither did the other great novelty that was associated with phase 2: the opening to 30% of the shopping centers. For now, they will remain closed.

This decision alters the de-escalation schedule to the point that phase 3 before Christmas would not be reached, as the Generalitat envisaged when it prepared the guide. Even so, this would not affect the expansion of family gatherings from six to ten people, since the strategy for the holidays approved by the Government this Wednesday will prevail regardless of the de-escalation section.

Heading into Christmas the plan of the Generalitat It foresees that meetings of a maximum of ten people – including children – can be held and recommends that they be from no more than two coexistence groups. In line with what was agreed between the autonomous communities and the Ministry, it will allow the curfew on the nights of December 24 and 31 to begin at 1:30, as well as at 23 in Reyes, on January 5.


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