July 26, 2021

Catalonia wants to enter 150 million with the tax on polluting vehicles

The Catalan Government wants to enter about 150 million euros a year with the tax on CO2 emissions of vehicles, which will affect 3.6 million cars and vans and about 500,000 motorcycles.

That is the government's collection estimate when the tax is fully deployed, that is, when it is charged to both cars and vans, as well as motorcycles.

The Government has already advanced a few weeks ago that it will begin charging this tax on cars and vans in November 2020, and a year later on motorcycles.

The Catalan executive has approved today a project to modify the Catalan law of climate change to solve some legal deficiencies and inaccuracies that complicated the application of this tax, and has announced that it will process it in the Parliament by way of urgency to enter Effective before the end of the year.

The collection obtained by this tax will be used to nurture a climate change fund and another related to natural heritage and biodiversity.

This bill that has been approved by the Government has changed the date of merit of the tax and has set the period of self-assessment between November 1 and 20, among other aspects.

This means that the owners of a tourism or van that emits carbon dioxide on December 31, 2019 must pay this tax between November 1 and 20, 2020. However, in May the administration will notify them that they are subject to payment of this new tax.

In 2019 cars – vehicles of category M1 – will be exempt from paying if they do not exceed 120 grams of CO2 emissions per kilometer traveled, so they will pay if they exceed that limit, while in 2020 they will start paying when they exceed the 95 g / km barrier.

The tax taxes the emission of CO2 or carbon dioxide, one of the gases produced by burning fuel. Diesel engines generate the most CO2, but so do those of gasoline, although in a somewhat smaller proportion.

The bill provides for a 2% fee reduction for taxpayers domiciling the payment of this tax.

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