March 2, 2021

Catalonia rules out relaxing restrictions as long as the virus transmission speed does not drop

The de-escalation will not continue in Catalonia as long as the transmission speed does not drop. This was stated this Wednesday by the Regional Government spokesperson, Meritxell Budó, who has ensured that as long as the R number, which measures the speed of infections, is above 0.9, the restrictions corresponding to the first section of the de-escalation will be maintained. , which was extended last week. For this reason, Budó has closed the door for the Government to relax for next week, measures such as the perimeter confinement of the municipalities during the weekend or the capacity limits imposed on the hotel industry.

“Tomorrow we will not announce any change of section”, has assured the minister. “We have established clear parameters to advance and at the moment we have the R above 0.9, which was the limit. We will wait for it to return to the values ​​that had been established to advance the section,” he said. As Budó has pointed out, the speed of infection is not the only figure they take into account. The Government is also concerned about the 370 people currently admitted to the ICU, a number that has not just dropped despite the restrictions imposed in recent weeks.

“We have some worrying data,” the Government spokesperson acknowledged. This Wednesday the speed of spread in Catalonia stood at 0.96, while the incidence in the last 14 days was down at 212.65. No new deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours. Although the figures improve slightly, Budó has made a public call for responsibility because, as he said, these data “can turn around at any time.”

However, despite the fact that the health authorities do not intend to precipitate a change of section in the de-escalation, the Government has opened the door to a reopening of the shopping centers. The spokeswoman recalled that during this bridge images of pedestrian collapses have been recorded in some commercial areas of Barcelona, ​​a situation that Budó has assured is “natural” but also “worrisome”, given the pandemic. “In the next few days we will move forward if any modification needs to be approved, such as the reopening of shopping centers, seeing the crowds at the weekend.

“The health authorities are just evaluating whether the reopening of the shopping centers would make it possible to sponge the crowds in shopping areas. The reopening of shopping centers, especially those that are outdoors, is being assessed,” Budó explained.

Despite this, the Government does not plan to make changes to the Christmas plan at the moment. As Budó has defended, the conditions imposed in Catalonia for winter holidays are already restrictive enough, with the limit of 10 people from two different bubbles meeting, and he has appealed to social responsibility to celebrate Christmas with safety.


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