November 26, 2020

Catalonia registers 19 deaths with coronavirus in the last hours while fear grows that outbreaks will be uncontrolled throughout Spain

The latest number of coronavirus cases is not optimistic: this Friday Health registered 3,092 new infections, 1,525 of the last day. It means that the number continues to grow and that the communities, faced with summer displacement and the increase in cases that they have almost multiplied by seven in a monthThey are testing their coordination to guarantee the mobility and control of those infected at the same time.

Regrowths test coordination between communities to avoid uncontrolled mobility of those infected

Sprouts test coordination between communities

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Madrid faces the first weekend with the “crash plan” against outbreaks announced by Isabel Díaz Ayuso last Tuesday and that consists of imposing the mandatory mask (a measure that the rest of the communities already had) and limiting both attendance on terraces and private meetings to no more than 10 people. With all this, the Community of Madrid notified Healthcare yesterday four new outbreaks with 23 positive cases with COVID-19 and 67 contacts in follow-up, all of them produced in the workplace and family. To these are added two new outbreaks, with nine positives and 57 associated contacts notified this Saturday afternoon. All are associated with work and family and none has required hospital admission, according to a statement from the regional government. Aragon, another of the most affected communities with 551 cases according to the latest data collected by Health, has not yet updated the number of cases in the last 24 hours.

Catalonia, that this Saturday has reported 1,367 new cases and 19 deceased with coronavirus, it is by far the most affected community in the last hours. In total, since the start of the pandemic, 97,981 people have tested positive for COVID-19 by PCR and other types of tests. The new government restrictions are also not being very effective: coronavirus cases have tripled in the Barcelona metropolitan area in ten days, when measures such as a ban on meetings of more than 10 people were already in force.

Andalusia add 62 shoots active and registers the largest increase in infections by coronavirus since April, with a total of 799 cases. Almería continues as the province with the most positives, with 198 cases in eleven outbreaks. On this day, two outbreaks have been added in the capital with nine positives after another was registered in the west on Thursday with four infected. The one linked to a fruit and vegetable company in El Ejido with 102 confirmed cases, already in the control phase, is the most numerous.

The regrowth situation has also worsened in Cantabria, with 37 new cases until this noon. As explained by the Minister of Health, Miguel Rodríguez (PSOE), two new outbreaks have been detected: one linked to two interrelated families, with eight positives in total; and a second in a nursing home. So far, there are 133 active cases in Cantabria, with eight hospitalized, none of them in the ICU.

Asturias adds three new positives, two imported infections and another that corresponds to a close contact that was being followed up after carrying out more than 1,600 PCR tests yesterday, as reported by the Ministry of Health.

While in Navarre the provincial government has reported that yesterday 55 new cases of contagion by COVID-19 were registered and four hospitalizations, as well as the admission to the ICU of two people who were on the ward, so that there are three in total who remain in intensive care. As in previous days, most of the new cases are concentrated in Pamplona and its region (70%).

On the other hand, Euskadi he has added this Saturday another 200 new infections, 12 of them clients and a worker from the Bilbao nightclub. Most of them continue to be registered in Bizkaia, with 128 positives, although the figure falls slightly compared to the data on Thursday when 162 were detected. It must be borne in mind that on this Saturday 115 people were cited by the Basque Government to be perform the PCR test, a decision made after 12 positives were given in the Back & Stage nightclub in Bilbao.

In Galicia, the outbreak of coronavirus related to a gym in Meicende, in Arteixo (A Coruña), has risen this Saturday to a total of 31 positive cases with six new confirmed cases.

Fearing that these increases will be reproduced in other regions, communities like Castilla y León are limiting nightlife. The regional government has decided that bars, clubs, restaurants or peñas will be able to carry out their activity, at most, until 1:30 am, both indoors and on outdoor terraces.

Similar measures are being taken in Estremadura, but in this case with family gatherings. The Ministry of Health and Social Services is going to issue a resolution limiting meetings, meals and family gatherings to no more than 15 people after having detected that the majority of infections and outbreaks in the Autonomous Community occur in these celebrations. Extremadura has reported 43 new cases of coronavirus, of which 19 related to the two outbreaks of the Don Benito-Villanueva de la Serena Health Area, and 11 positive cases – with 21 contacts – related to a new outbreak detected in Casar de Cáceres, which has its origin in a family meal-gathering.

In Murcia positive cases of this disease rise to 685, with 48 new infections of Covid-19 confirmed by PCR tests in the last 24 hours. There has been a sharp increase in the number of hospitalized on the ward, from 6 to 60. Two of them are in intensive care.


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