May 16, 2021

Catalonia does not pay the scholarship that a child with autism received in Galicia

Help for families of autistic children.

Help for families of autistic children.

A 9 year old boy with Generalized Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has been waiting since September for the Generalitat to grant and pay the Special Educational Needs (SEN) grant to follow the therapy that he needs and Galicia received during the four courses in which he lived in that community.

The boy’s mother, Mónica Casar, explained to Efe that her son was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3 in Galicia, where the family lived, and that since then he began to receive the amount for the NEE scholarship granted by the Ministry of Education that “each course was paid without problems.”

Due to labor issues, the family two years ago moved to Blanes (Girona), and in Catalonia It is the Department of Education that manages the NEE scholarships, “and this is where the odyssey began,” said Mónica Casar, for whom “Compared with Galicia, in Catalonia the scholarships do not have an inclusive adaptation and real equity”.

While in Galicia the scholarship was received every year in December after a simple procedure, in Catalonia it is necessary to renew it every year “in a complicated administrative process”.

The mother has stated that on September 29 she processed the NEE scholarship request to the Generalitat that “It has not yet been granted or paid for”, so his son “has not attended the pedagogy and speech therapy he needs since last January.”

“We have two children, we are without work and receiving family help” Despite this, they paid for the therapy between September and January, but they can no longer pay due to their economic situation and “there is no other alternative since there are no public resources for autistic children,” said Mónica Casar.

According to the medical reports provided by the mother, the child “has a 33% disability and 58% grade 1 independence with language delay, stereotypies, less intercommunication and social contact, less motor interests and restlessness and motor impairment “.

The medical report issued by a Galician pediatrician and neurosurgeon specifies that the minor “It requires school support and continuous sessions of speech therapy.”

In despair, the mother explained that she launched at the beginning of this month of March an initiative on the platform in which he asks the Generalitat to pay the amount of the scholarship and that he has obtained the support of more than 10,700 people.

What is the use of the Ministry granting the scholarship If they haven’t yet given us the money I need to be able to cover these private treatments? “asks Casar.

“The longer they take to give us the money for therapies,” he adds, “the less we can use it, since They only allow us to use it from September to June because it includes a school period “.

When June arrives, if the scholarship has been paid, the money that has not been used “returns to the Generalitat”, affirms the parent.

“They are playing with the lives of boys and girls”, the mother deplores, who affirms that, like other families with children with special educational needs, they live a “very frustrating” situation since they go through “enough barriers to have to add those of the administration.”

At the moment, Casar received on March 1, “as any response from the Department of Education”, a communication to send him a locator and “the scholarship proposal, which was not approved, arrived days later.”

In October 2019, the specialized center for Monforte de Lemos (Lugo) to which the child had attended, he drew up a speech therapy report recommending “to continue working in the speech therapy sessions to continue working on communicative autonomy, since it is very difficult for him to organize what he wants to express.”

Sources of the Consellería have not been able to specify Efe the reasons why the award of this scholarship has been delayed nor the processing process in which it is.


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