November 24, 2020

Catalonia continues to lead the flight of companies one year after 1-O

Catalonia continues to lead the flight of companies one year after 1-O


On the anniversary of the 1-O, the diaspora of companies to leave Catalonia continues its path. Up to 259 Catalan companies moved their headquarters in the third quarter of 2018 to go to other communities, of which more than half, 138, went to Madrid. So far this year have already been 2,145 compnaías that have left Catalonia -1,204 to Madrid-. If you add those that left in 2017 the number amounts to 4,681, according to the statistics of the College of Registrars.

Almost three companies a day left between June and September Catalonia, which shows that despite the attempts of the Government of Quim Torrá to provoke the return of large Ibex firms to the region they left in October last year, the companies are still turning their backs on the Generalitat.

Although the number of companies transferred has been falling against the peaks that marked in October last year – only in a month they asked to leave almost 2,000 companies-, Catalonia continues to lead the business figures between communities. Madrid, with 255, it is followed but to the region directed by Ángel Garrido 418 companies have arrived while in Catalonia the balance is negative: only 104 companies have arrived in these three months.

As for the constitution of societies, the community continues to falter. While in the whole of Spain they grow slightly in the year-on-year to 19,595 companies, 0.3% more, in Catalonia they fall by 8.3% to 3,524 companies. Only Asturias (which falls 26.1% to 227 firms) outperforms Catalonia with a worse behavior in the creation of companies.

Madrid It attracted the main companies that left Catalonia, from the Caixabank business conglomerate through Gas Natural Fenosa, Abertis or Colonial. He followed Valencian Community, with firms such as Caixabank and Banco Sabadell and Aragon, with Proclynic or Laboratorios Ordesa.


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