Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Catalonia concentrates one of every three business failures

Catalonia concentrates one of every three business failures

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Catalonia concentrated one third of the country's bankruptcies in the first quarter of the year. According to a study by Informa D & B, between January and March, 291 companies based in this autonomous community took part in the bankruptcy process, which represented 27.32% of the national total. Madrid, with 194, was the second region with the most bankruptcies, followed by Comunidad Valenciana, with 155. In March, Catalonia also had the largest number of competitions, with 119, followed by Madrid, with 82. In total, the companies that They welcomed all of Spain to this figure last month exceeded 400 for the first time so far this year, to reach 409.

In March, the increase in competitions was observed in almost all sectors except construction and real estate activities, which registered a decrease of 29 processes with respect to last year. The greatest increases were registered in industry (17) and commerce (16). Annual accumulated data show a decrease in most sectors. In the first quarter, trade and construction and real estate activities were the sectors with the highest decreases, with 29 and 88, respectively. The sectors with the highest number of competitions so far this year are: commerce (27.32%), construction and real estate activities (17.93%) and industry (12.3%). Of the total presented, micro-enterprises accounted for 78%, small companies for 18.58% and medium-sized companies for 3.52%. No big company went bankrupt.

The companies that declared themselves in suspension of payments employed 3,141 people and generated a joint sales figure of 495 million euros.


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