January 19, 2021

Catalonia adds 1,915 infections and 100 new patients with coronavirus in hospitals

Catalonia has started the second day of the year with 1,915 new positive cases of coronavirus and 51 deaths in the last 24 hours, in which 100 more hospital admissions have also been added, although the number of patients in the ICU remains unchanged at 373 .

This is indicated by the data provided this Friday by the Department of Health of the Generalitat, which shows an increase of 25 points in the risk of regrowth, which reaches the figure of 368, and a slight increase in the transmission speed (Rt) of the virus , which reaches 1.02, two tenths more than the previous day: every 100 infected infects 102 people today. The cumulative incidence at 14 days rises from 359.31 to 377.17.

The worsening of the epidemiological indicators comes after doctors asked to tighten the restrictions during Christmas dates, to which the Government refused, considering that its measures for Christmas and New Year’s Eve were already sufficient.

In parallel, vaccination continues and 6,093 people, residents in nursing homes and professionals who care for them, have already received the first of the two doses against COVID-19 that will be provided.

The risk of regrowth, which measures the growth potential of the virus, continues to be in figures well above 300 points and, specifically, in the last 24 hours it has increased by 25 points, going from 343 to 368

Transmission speed (Rt) has also increased two tenths, going from 1 to 1.02, a slight rise that, added to yesterday’s, breaks the downward and progressive trend of the previous days: on Monday of this week it stood at 1 , 16, Tuesday at 1.09, Wednesday at 1.03 and Thursday at 0.99.

In the last 24 hours, the hospital pressure has grown again, with 100 fewer people admitted – 1,859 patients compared to 1,759 on December 31 and 1,795 on December 30. The number of patients admitted to the ICU is maintained with 373 critically ill patients.

Since the start of the pandemic, in March 2020, Catalonia has registered 403,783 infected -detected by PCR or antigens, serological tests or ELISA tests- and 17,146 deaths.


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