Catalan universities streamline the change of studies to victims of gender violence

Catalan universities streamline the change of studies to victims of gender violence

The Government of Catalonia and all Catalan universities have signed a collaboration agreement to facilitate the change of undergraduate studies to student victims of sexist violence and their children, an exceptional procedure to transfer the file in the shortest time possible.

In an act at the Palau de la Generalitat, the Councilor for Enterprise and Knowledge, Àngels Chacón, and the Presidency, Elsa Artadi, signed the agreement together with the rectors of the Catalan universities, both public and private.

The measure will allow women victims of sexist violence, as well as their children, to continue their undergraduate studies at a university other than the one that started them, with the objective that the affected person can continue their studies as quickly as possible by transferring them. your academic record in any university of the Catalan system and without paying for the procedure.

The president of the Women and Science Commission, Anna Berga, pointed out that although the Generalitat's price decree already contemplates that women victims of gender violence have free registration, this measure contemplates and facilitates the need to change environment.

"Sometimes, because of the situation in which the victims find themselves, they need to change their residence for their recovery," said Berga, who explained that the process of transferring the file has an economic cost and "the universities do not usually do it in a agile "and may even involve repeating the course again.

"With this agreement we want to expedite that a woman who is in this circumstance is facilitated the transfer and does not have an economic cost or time," said Berga.

In the event that the same degree is not taught at the university of destination, the agreement provides that the student can enroll in an equivalent grade with the corresponding validations.

According to official data, in the academic year 2016-2017, a total of 282 students took advantage of the tuition fees exemption for being victims of sexist violence or for being children of these, 148 cases in the face-to-face universities and 134 in the UOC ( Open University of Catalonia).


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