February 26, 2021

Catalan counselor says that JxCat would endorse Sánchez if the agreement with Podemos includes dialogue with the Government

He said it during a press conference to report on a meeting between the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, and the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, when asked about the book published by former president Carles Puigdemont in which it opens to endorse the candidacy of Sánchez.

Puigdemont announced on Tuesday the publication of 'Re unim-nos. Reflections on the return to the unitat '(' Let's meet. Reflections on the return to unity '), in which he does not rule out investing in Sanchez, if it is within the framework of a unitary strategy of independence: "What you have to do independence in Madrid have to address it together. "

"President Puigdemont today has made a reflection on the need to face the exceptional moment the country is experiencing, from the political moment of 1-O," explained Calvet, who has assumed that in the last vote of the ERC investiture and JxCat voted differently.

Calvet has stressed that JxCat is "in a position to favor a government that responds to the electoral logic that came out on April 28 where the PSOE won and there is a left-wing party called United We can give support."

He has argued that to the extent that the two forces can agree on a programmatic pact that gives an answer to what happens in Catalonia, "JxCat may agree."

For Calvet, the words of Puigdemont are in the same vein as the party – which opted for the 'no' in the two votes of the investiture -: that a Government be constituted with sufficient strength and stability to respond to the needs of the citizenship and "that confront with force the dialogue with Catalonia".

"If the circumstances arise we will be in the line of the president (Puigdemont) to face the next events that have to mark the process that we are living in Catalonia", has settled.

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