Castilla y León takes the first step to "shield" hunting by law | Society

The autonomous parliament of Castilla y León has given the first step this Wednesday to "shield the hunt", provisionally suspended by the courts since the end of February. It has admitted to processing the proposal of the modification of the Hunting Act of 1996 with the votes in favor of the PP, Citizens and PSOE, while Podemos has abstained and IU-Equo has stated against.

The Government of the PP and the opposition parties PSOE and Ciudadanos jointly presented the measure a week ago to "save" the hunting activity in the region, after the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León (TSCYJ) suspended the regional decree and the annual order hunting. Both norms regulate the species that can be captured and the closed periods (which implied the cessation of said activity).

The judicial decision argues that the Board has not conducted studies and lacks objective data that justify that the species can be hunted without posing a risk to their conservation. The modification of the law aims to include this list of animals in the autonomous law and not in a decree that can be appealed.

"We want to protect hunting by law in Castilla y León, long live hunting, Viva Castilla y León," the regional president of the PP, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has emphatically emphasized. The popular has attacked against animal groups like PACMA who have appealed the law before the courts. "The problem is not hunting, but freedom, a minority, whose ideas deserve our respect, wants to impose their way of life on the silent majority." Fernández Mañueco has highlighted the importance of hunting for the regional economy and For the balance of the environment, Castilla y León is the Spanish community with the highest percentage of land dedicated to this use, 20% of the national total.

The socialist party has blamed the popular executive for the judicial decision and has listed the writs that, since 2004, the courts have ruled against the Junta for the same reasons. Socialist prosecutor Jose Luis Aceves has stressed that his party, "the guarantor of saving" the game and has recriminated the actions that the Government has carried out in recent years before judicial decisions. "With the proposal of modification the Popular Party tried to get breast when the TSJCYJ was taking the colors," he added.

Citizens has stressed the importance of drafting a new draft law on hunting in the next legislature, which has been described as essential to combat depopulation and maintain natural balance in the municipalities of the region. "If we eliminate hunting in Castilla y León, we will eliminate the essence of the community," said José Ignacio Palacios de Ciudadanos.

Féliz Díez Romero, Podemos prosecutor, has described the measure as "a patch that catches the hunting species of one box and puts them in another." Díez has reiterated the position in favor of hunting his group, but has insisted that the solution is not to support the PP government with the amendment of the law, so they have preferred to abstain in the vote. Izquierda Unida-Equo, a party that has voted against, has affirmed that the approval of this measure continues without counting on the reports that show that many of the species in the hunting list are not in danger. "For example, there is no data of the red-backed thrush and that, according to the birds directive, since there are no data, it can not be hunting. Everything the Board did wrong, is elevated to law. What they can not do with decrees, they want to do with a law so they can not be denounced", explained José Sarrión, IU-Equo attorney.


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