Castilla y León shields hunting by law | Society

The modification of the Hunting Law of 1996 approved this Wednesday by the Cortes de Castilla y León shields the hunting activity in the community and allows the hunters to shoot down animals again. The prohibition to hunt, due to a precautionary measure imposed by the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León (TSJCYL), has lasted a month. In the last plenary session and just one week after the start of the roe season, the Junta de Castilla y León has given the green light to the regulatory change. PP, PSOE and Citizens have voted in favor (a total of 72 attorneys), while Podemos has abstained (10 attorneys). With this legal maneuver, the Board avoids the decision of the TSJCYL, which decreed the precautionary suspension of the hunt after a complaint by the Pacma animal party. The Court considered that the regional government had not presented "objective and updated scientific studies" that indicate the state of the species, in such a way that their hunting is justified without risking their survival.

The modification assumes that the list of game species and the annual hunting order will be regulated by law and not in a decree as before, so they can not be appealed and suspended by a court. As soon as the new law comes into force, an appeal for unconstitutionality can only be filed. This action can be carried out the president of the Government, the ombudsman, 50 deputies or 50 senators. For 15 years, the animal parties have denounced to the justice the management of this activity in the region and have managed to knock down numerous hunting orders. Now, the complaint becomes more complex.

Pacma, the party that requested the precautionary suspension of the hunt for justice, recalled that the judicial order continues in force. "They are breaking the habitat and bird directive. They know and they skip the court order, "said spokeswoman Silvia Barquero, who has asked the TSJCYL to notify the court order to the parties. "We are going to demand that responsibilities be cleared, we prefer to pay fines, what they should do is ensure compliance with the laws," he added.

"It is an honor to defend this law. Hunting is an activity intrinsically related to the rural world. I am concerned about the questioning of an activity that has developed since the origins of humanity, "said Salvador Cruz García, deputy spokesperson of the Popular Party. We can see it in another way. The deputy Félix Díez Romero has indicated to EL PAÍS that "the procedure followed is a patch to save a precautionary measure and does not suppose a substantial change in the previous hunting law. The studies are still missing to know how the hunting species are found ". Díez affirms that they understand the social and economic importance of hunting in the community, but they have decided not to "whiten the policies of the PP".

The Socialists, who jointly submitted the amendment, have justified their support with their intention to save the hunt from suspension. Even so, the socialist prosecutor José Luis Aceves has lashed out against the inaction of the Popular Government during the last legislature in hunting matters. "Where are those plans that the counselor promised in 2015? Unfulfilled promises," he said. Citizens has reiterated the importance of the rural environment and that "hunting is essential to fight against the depopulation" of the municipalities of the community. The deputy of Citizens José Ignacio Palacios has stated that a context without hunting activity in Castilla y León can lead to a worsening of animal health and an increase in traffic accidents due to a possible animal overpopulation.


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