July 29, 2021

Castilla y León contributes its measures to the plan to revitalize Garoña's environment

Castilla y León contributes its measures to the plan to revitalize Garoña's environment

The Government of Castilla y León has approved today the measures with which it will contribute to the strategy of boosting the area of ​​influence of the Santa María de Garoña nuclear power plant (Burgos), which promotes the fourteen affected municipalities to act until 2030.

The Governing Council has agreed today to collaborate in this strategy of the twelve municipalities of Burgos and the two of Alava in the area of ​​influence of the plant, which after the cessation of their activity promote a strategy in which they have asked the Board to collaborate , as detailed today by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pilar del Olmo.

The objectives of the Board and the municipalities "fully agree", said the Minister of Economy and Finance, who has detailed some of the proposals of the regional government to create businesses and employment and compensate for the loss of activity that involves the cessation of activity of this nuclear facility.

The lines of collaboration of the Board are based on two general measures already underway, such as the territorial programming of the Ministry of Development for Miranda de Ebro, near the plant and that should take advantage, according to El Olmo, and the new environmental tax for waste from the plant, which plans to raise ten million aimed at reindustrializing the area.

But there will also be sectoral measures, some to deal with the "failure" they have detected in the area, in which there is hardly any private initiative given that the nuclear power plant, which had a thousand workers, took everything, the minister has reflected.

In this line, there will be "stimulus and awareness" initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in that area, where new projects will have "an additional priority and greater intensity in the level of aid", with support for polygons and new economies, such as green, circular or silver, aimed at projects for the elderly.

In order for the new projects to have access to advantageous financing, the Board's assistance will be channeled through the Financial Shuttle, which, in addition to giving preferential support to the initiatives undertaken in this territory, will also provide a specific fund for venture capital and capital. Seed to boost business projects, Delmo has detailed.

The contributions of the Board to the strategy, which the counselor has stressed that it should have left the Government, focus on the sectors with the greatest potential in the area, such as tourism, where the support of the regional government in the implementation of value of heritage enclaves.

Also the impulse to the offer of accommodations for vacations, or the promotion of new economic activities linked to the tourist sector, with two concrete initiatives such as promoting that the monastery of San Salvador de Oña is the engine "driving the tourism of the area".

In addition it is proposed to boost the value of the Sobrón reservoir, where the Board will collaborate with the approach of the municipalities to buy a boat.

The counselor has also opted for the biomass sector, which is rich in the area, and proposes to favor their demand and replace all fossil fuel heating with this other renewable energy and that there are small heat networks and even not has ruled out "a biomass power generation plant".


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