February 26, 2021

Castilla y León closes perimeter Ávila and Segovia, the provinces with the lowest incidence of COVID-19 in the Community

The entrances and exits of Ávila and Segovia will be restricted from this midnight and for at least seven days. The Official Gazette of Castilla y León (Bocyl) publishes this Thursday the order signed by the president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, as the delegated authority imposing the limitation of mobility. The decision is based on the goal of preventing the COVID-19 virus from spreading. To do this, instead of closing the 7 provinces with high incidence on the perimeter, it blocks the two with the least cases.

With Burgos as the city in Spain with the highest incidence, Zamora in third place, León in fourth, Valladolid in fifth and Palencia in ninth, the Junta has avoided the perimeter closure despite the fact that there are other provinces, such as Soria, Salamanca, Ávila and Segovia, well below 800 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

As justified by the order, a report from the Ministry of Health, dated November 25, in relation to the provinces of Ávila and Segovia, it is necessary to add in these provinces, jointly, “a new limitation of the mobility of citizens in order to protect their health and reduce the risk of contagion. ” Thus, through this agreement, the limitation of the entry and exit of the territory included in the joint perimeter of the provinces of Ávila and Segovia is established, without prejudice to the continuous monitoring and evaluation of such measure, in order to guarantee its adaptation to the evolution of health, epidemiological, social, economic and mobility indicators. In accordance with all this, the entry and exit of people from the territory within the joint perimeter of the provinces of Ávila and Segovia is restricted. In this way, travel between the two provinces will be possible, but not to or from others.

As agreed on Wednesday in the Government Council, despite this perimeter closure, in Segovia and Ávila the suspension of the activity of bars and restaurants, gyms and shopping centers of less than 2,500 square meters is lifted


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