Castilla-La Mancha launches a new service portal related to public procurement

The regional government has launched the new Castile-La Mancha Procurement Portal, where you can find, quickly and easily, information and services related to public procurement in the Autonomous Community. the new portal It has more modern, agile and accessible content and formats for citizens, and it came into operation at the end of last May, as announced by the regional Executive this Sunday.

Through this website of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations you can access all the tenders published on the public sector contracting platform (PLACSP), as well as find out the details of all the contracts in their different phases, providing the businessmen and businesswomen interested detailed and updated information. Likewise, in the aforementioned profile, all the mandatory information required by article 63 of the current Law on Public Sector Contracts and any other information that the contracting authorities consider appropriate is published.

In addition, direct links have been incorporated to the 'Administration' and 'Companies' spaces, in order to guide users in the shortest possible time towards the information that may be of most interest to them for the proper exercise of their functions. In the first case, on contracting plans, tenders in progress or awarded contracts; and, in the second, to help especially businessmen and businesswomen to participate in those procedures for awarding contracts related to their business activity.

The 'Services' area

The new recruitment portal also has a space called 'Services' from which you can directly access the Contractor Profile; to the Official Registry of Bidders of Castilla-La Mancha; to the models of specifications of particular administrative clauses; to the InfocontrataCLM specialized advice unit on contracting matters; to the electronic registry [email protected]; to the Registry of Contracts; to the electronic hiring form; to the Single European Procurement Document (DEUC) and to the electronic notification platform.

Likewise, it has a space reserved for relevant accesses, specifically, to the Central Contracting Board, Contracting Offices, Regulations and Transparency, which contains all the information that must be published on public contracting activity, in compliance with the regulations on transparency and good governance of Castilla-La Mancha.

It also includes the 'Information and Help' space, aimed at citizens and companies interested in participating in contract award procedures and which forms part of the 'Company' and 'Administration' spaces. The first explains in a didactic way how to contract with the administration, while in the second, public employees and contracting bodies can find advisory services, such as the 'InfocontrataCLM' information and consultation point, where guidance, support and advice on public procurement.

In the same way, access is offered to the directory of companies that have registered in the [email protected] electronic registry, where they offer themselves as possible contractors of works, products and services.

Master in Public Procurement

In addition, the regional government has opened the deadline to apply for the Master's Degree in Public Procurement, a training action included in the Training Plan for Public Employees of the Administration of the Castilla-La Mancha Community Board for the year 2022.

This master's degree aims to provide public employees with the necessary tools to be able to apply and interpret the Law on Public Sector Contracts and all current regulations on the matter, both from the European Union and from the Spanish State and the Autonomous Community of Castilla- The Stain.

The deadline for submitting applications will be open until July 14 and these will be carried out exclusively through the Training Management computer application of the Regional Administration School of Castilla-La Mancha, available at the address:

It can be accessed by directly typing the address in the Internet browser, as well as through the Employee Portal and the website of the School of Regional Administration.

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