May 10, 2021

Castilla designs a package of measures to deal with the economic slowdown in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

The counselor oftourism, Industry and Commerce ofCanary Government,Yaiza Castilla, has appeared this Friday in parliamentary committee to inform about the objectives,plans and strategiesfor the next four years, among which a package of incentive measures has been designed for the three mainEconomic sectorsof the Canary Islands that allow to stop theeconomic slowdownThat is pointed in budding.

Yaiza Castilla exhibited the different signs that show anegative dynamicsand said that "we are facing a scenario of deceleration at the levelglobalby international conjunctures, which require measures and strategies that cushion their effects on our economy and that, in the medium and long term, strengthen and strengthen tourism, industry and commerce. "

In this context, he highlighted, within the field of industry, a strategy for themodernization and diversificationof the industrial sector and the regeneration of industrial areas, for which already in the budget of 2020 a game of 3.4 million euros has been planned to boost the innovation of the Canarian industrial fabric and another of 1.9 million for the actions of promotion of conservation entities in industrial areas and polygons, "in a way that makes them attractive to investors and competitive and efficient for companies based in them," Castilla said.

He also cited, within this scope, a specific program of Connected Industry 4.0 to encourage the digital transformation of the industrial sector of the Canary Islands, reinforcing the catalog of technological enablers and as support for industrial and manufacturing processes, with the ultimate goal of helping reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of the local industry.

As a novelty of this legislature, the counselor said that "in order to enhance the levels ofemployabilityfrom the industrial sector, from this Ministry we will promote Dual Vocational Training. "Thus, he announced that, together with the Enlaza Program of Education and industrial companies, a multiannual training program will be designed and executed, according to the needs of the sector, "thus facilitating the incorporation of new professionals in the different technical levels of the companies," he explained.

For the main economic sector of the Canary Islands, such as tourism, Yaiza Castilla stressed that the strategy is based on boosting the diversification of the economy by enhancing the ability to drag the tourism sector over other sectors, especially the primary, industry and commerce , "something that has not been exploited in the appropriate dimension".

Castilla, who listed during his appearance the challenges and external threats that affect the sector, warned that "it would be a mistake not to recognize that we start from a negative and complex situation, and in which thetourist modelfollowed so far clearly evidence an exhaustion. "

Given this situation, the roadmap that has been marked since its Ministry and endorsed already in the 2020 budgets, where innovation prevails, has development as a principle, clarifying that "it is not a commitment to growth, but by the development".

Castilla referred, among others, to projects to enhance thediversificationeconomic or plans to achieve maximum seasonally adjusted tourism in certain markets, such as the Scandinavian or the summer season, "we know," he said, "will be increasingly complicated by the greater competitive rivalry, which requires actions in this regard" .

Along the same lines, he acknowledged that "we know that the battle for prices with our competitors is lost. Therefore, our path must be that of differentiation, betting on innovative products, and the improvement and reconversion of traditional ones, so that we increase , with respect to our competitors, the differential of willingness to pay by our tourists ".

Yaiza Castilla also advanced that, as a basic pillar towards the newtourist model, "The Canary Islands must become a reference in tourism intelligence and aspire to be an exporter of knowledge", for which an Atlantic Tourism Observatory will be created. It is conceived as abig dataof the sector that "provides knowledge to manage our destiny, both in its promotional field, as in its management and infrastructure, and to guide the investment decisions of our budget".

Training in both new tourist capacities, for example digitalization, as in languages, and the commitment by the Canarian society as hosts and ambassadors of the destination, as well as incentives to entrepreneurship, are other lines of work aimed at Tourism in the legislature.

In the Commerce section, Yaiza Castilla advanced the development of a Canary Islands Strategic Trade Plan, in which to identify the main problems faced by the sector and the design of actions that boost its activity, as well as tackle the gaps that occur in areas ofhigh commercial densityand areas with less activity. He also cited, as a novelty, a specific plan for trade in rural areas, endowed by 2020 with a heading of 200,000 euros and another of traditional markets and markets, for which he will allocate 400,000 euros next year.


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