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"Castilian and Catalan are condemned to understand each other

Alejandro Sanz: “El castellano y el catalán están condenados a entenderse”

He just recovered from a "horse" pneumonia - he says - that just coincided with the release of his latest CD. "Go two weeks. First it was a sprain I played tennis and I lay down for a few days. Then pneumonia, with antibiotics through a tube. I'm still a bit groggy, like in a fish tank, "he says. But it does not look like it. Attentive in every way, Alejandro Sanz shows the same energy as always in the presentation of which you have decided to title simply #The disc

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We have already heard that this title does not respond to an excessive claim to do something say definitive, but: among other things- it may be that it is your last CD in disk format. Can you explain it to us?

Yes. I think that, more than the album in a literal sense, what counts the days is the CD. And since I usually spend two or three years between disco and album ... But there is something good in all this. And is that surely the format that will stay is the vinyl.

... That support that, by the way, is the one that started out called disco and now we call vinyl. Everything changes very quickly, right?

And so much To all of my generation, who come from the analog, we have had to live a technological revolution that may be considered one of the most important in the history of humanity.

Never like so much music has been consumed now "

How has that revolution affected you? How do you think it has impacted music?

Music is not consumed in the same way. The same attention is no longer paid, and that affects quality. On the one hand, they do not want to make records anymore. And it's a shame, because when you start recording you have to soak in what you're going to do. It gives you time to prepare it well and think a common thread to pose it as a story. But today, immediacy commands. The number of impacts that are issued and received each day is impressive. So, on the other hand, the same attention is not paid. I remember how before, in the original time of vinyl, listening to a record was a ritual. A ritual that forced you to pay attention and listen. Now, in contrast to all that, the truth is that never as now had consumed so much music. And the musicians never got that far. I currently have offers to give concerts in Asia, and that was very difficult before.

Of #The disc his photograph on the cover is also striking, opening his arms with his hands soaked in red paint that trickles down to the floor.

You're the first to say red paint and not blood, haha.

Oops, how are we? Because it is clearly painting. What does it mean?

During the recording of the album I was painting a lot and in fact I made an exhibition with Domingo Zapata (in New York). Every day I ended up full of paint and somehow the trickles that ran to the floor connected me to the earth. It is an image of art holding you to the ground and not allowing you to take off your reality and your things; of the primary life that, after all, is music.

The only music that I do not like is the one that they put in the competitions to keep silent "

Do you like to throw symbols?

I think it's beautiful. Although we should not exaggerate. A Mexican television program of the kind that Iker Jiménez has here but very exaggerated began to say that if I am a representative of the dark elite because this is my number eleven (in studio), or one and one, and I do not know what plus. I like symbology, yes, but it does not go that far (laughs).

Its disc is very varied, within the Hispanic rhythms. And you have always been eclectic. Is there a genre or stick that rejects?

The only music that I do not like is the one that they put in the competitions to send silence to the one who has won and is giving the speech (laughs again). For the rest, I like all music. But the variety of this album is not new. Probably from Is not the same I have always cultivated the plurality of styles within each CD. Mine has been a constant struggle against etiquette. My brand is precisely to combat the label. Because I do not think that when you get to record in a studio you have to be restricted or self-conscious. To make music you have to let out what you have inside.

He says that he does not like the music that he keeps silent. Have you ever been silenced?

Clear! "Mr. Sanchez, shut up" (it's his real name): they told me that at school, as they have probably told us at some time.

I was referring to his artistic life.

No. Probably they have tried, but it's not easy to shut up. I like to talk.

By the way. Sometimes he gets into trouble in the networks.

Who does not!

But you persevere.

What do you mean? (laughs again)

You yourself once said that when Twitter came out he messed up quite a bit with his tweets. And for example in the last 8-M he rolled it up again with a picture in which he came out with his eye painted ...

And do not you think that people get lost in the details? That photo was made for the magazine Yo Dona within a campaign against gender violence, years ago. Was it to mount a controversy? Anyway, I do not give importance to certain opinions. He will remember what happened when I got off the stage in Rosarito, Mexico, because a guy had hit a girl. As well. A feminist group came out to mess with me! Then, of course, there comes a point where it seems that it does not matter what you say or do. Neither rain falls to everyone's taste. So you go ahead without paying too much attention to certain reactions.

I do not give importance to certain opinions "

But of his followers he does care. You only had to see his messages from a couple of days ago, when he regretted breaking commitments of the presentation of the disc because of his pneumonia. So demanding do you think people are? Can the public be cruel?

No man. In addition, although it seems that I am very aware of networks, I actually read very little things in those channels. And it is an exercise that I recommend to all my colleagues. I tell them not to read much there. Because it is in the human condition that if we are told a thousand good things and one bad we are left with the bad. And not even the most resounding attacks have to be taken to heart. They are not so definitive. I'm sure the same people who mess with you by that means can then give you a hug if they see you on the street. Social networks are like the car. When you are driving you tell everything to the next one. But surely if you find it in another situation you let it go.

The album includes a song in Spanish and Catalan with Judit Neddermann, This second. It's hard not to see an intentionality there ...

It is one of those curious situations in which context affects the content of what you do. The lyrics were written long before we knew we were going to do it in Spanish and Catalan. I was not referring to anything connected to the present. And the decision to make her bilingual arose when I listened to Judit and wanted her to sing with me. But notice that everything that has happened gives it a new meaning. And I like. The song does not speak of any conflict; it simply reminds us how important time is, how we are going to dedicate it, how we lose it and how we can recover it. But for me it is a hug between two languages ​​that many people insist on facing and are actually united and have much more in common than differences. When I found myself singing with Judit, who moved me deeply, we realized what was happening. It was the music putting in its place the politics or the social environment so tense with that issue. So it seemed to me a caress between two languages ​​that are irremediably condemned to be understood.

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